Download Alfred Security Camera and Alfred Webviewer for PC


This is the guide to downloading Alfred Security Camera for PC and also Alfred Webviewer for PC. Users can get the Alfred for PC on any Windows 10 or macOS-powered computer. This tutorial is for both Desktop PC and laptop users.

Alfred Security Camera for Mac

Alfred Security Camera PC app

Alfred is one of the top names in the security category for the Android and iOS ecosystems. The Alfred application is built to transform your Android or iOS smartphone into a security camera.

If you have an old smartphone lying around, you can install Alfred Video Home Security Camera on it and use it as a camera monitor. This mobile CCTV can be used to monitor your baby, backyard, or your office too.

Once the device is set up to work as a CCTV camera, you can monitor this device using another device. Alfred has multiple solutions for this. You can use two smartphones simultaneously, one phone as a monitor and one as a CCTV.

The ideal scenario would be to use the phone as a CCTV and use your computer i.e. Desktop PC or Laptop as a monitor. That’s exactly what we encourage our users to do as well and that’s the whole point of this guide.

Now Alfred has two different methods to monitor through your phone-CCTV. You can either use the same Alfred app or use the Alfred WebViewer. I will explain the Alfred Webviewer in a bit, before that, let me tell you what features the Alfred Video Home Security Camera is equipped with.

Alfred Security Camera app on Windows

Alfred Webviewer

The Alfred Webviewer is a web portal built by Alfred itself. This web portal can be launched on a desktop PC or Windows in any internet browser.

Once you found it, you can log into the Webviewer using the same Google Account that you are using on your phone which is running the Alfred Video Home Security Camera. The app will show you the footage of all the cameras quickly.

The Webviewer has all the features that the Alfred app has, so you don’t need to worry about losing any functionality in the Webviewer application.

There is a trust circle feature in the Alfred app and Webviewer which allows you to install multiple people to keep an eye on your security cameras. Overall, this is a great security solution at no additional cost. Just use your spare phones and laptops to take your security to a whole new level.

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  • A spare Android phone with Alfred installed on it.
  • A Desktop PC or Laptop.
  • BlueStacks Android Emulator: Download and Install.
  • Google Chrome Browser or Firefox on Windows or macOS
  • WiFi connection.

Install the Alfred Security Camera app on your Android phone from the Play Store. The PC will be used for monitoring purposes only, but if you wish, you can use it as a camera as well. It works both ways.

Alfred Security Camera app PC download

Alfred Security Camera for PC

  1. Open the BlueStacks on your computer and log in.
  2. On the computer, go to the Play Store and install the Alfred Video Home Security Camera.
  3. Now launch the application.
  4. Connect the Alfred Video Camera with your phone that is being used as a CCTV.
  5. Once connected, you can leave it as it is and keep using your computer as a monitor device.
  6. Alternatively, take a look below to use Alfred Webviewer instead.

Alfred Webviewer for PC

  1. Launch the Alfred Webviewer on your computer using their official site.
  2. Log into the Alfred Webviewer using the same Google Account that you’re using on the CCTV-phone.
  3. Once logged in, you can set up the Webviewer to monitor the phone. That’s all.
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