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Apex Legends Mobile will feature the same familiar Apex universe alongside a ton of new mobile content to keep the players hooked. Although the game doesn’t support Crossplay, meaning mobile players won’t be able to play with other platforms, you can always use an android emulator to play Apex Legends mobile on PC.

Apex Legends for Mac

What is the Apex Legend PC app?

Apex Legends–the popular PC-based battle royale shooting game–  is now available to play in a brand new avatar on Android and iOS smartphones. Apex Legends Mobile for PC had been in beta testing for months. Starting today, players will be finally able to play the game on their mobile phones. Those who pre-registered for Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS will also get exclusive in-game rewards. These include the Bloodhound banner frame, the Bloodhound banner pose, the Founder’s badge, an R99 Epic skin and more.

With Electronic Arts’ recent announcement that 70% of its revenue has come from live service titles, including Apex Legends — which has raked in over $2 billion since launch — it only makes sense that the company is looking to expand the game’s reach. Enter Apex Legends Mobile, a version of the game built from the ground up specifically for mobile platforms. Like other mobile ports of popular live service titles, it manages to maintain the basics of what makes Apex Legends great but offers new features, an exclusive champion, new modes, and a lot of unique microtransactions that have become common on mobile.

What is most striking about Apex Legends Mobile for Windows is how separate it is from the main game. There isn’t any cross-play or cross-progression, and there are wholly unique cosmetics exclusive to mobile. Most importantly, the game just plays differently. Thanks to mobile just being an entirely separate beast from PC or console, Apex Mobile almost requires a completely new skillset. Those coming from the main game who want to check out the mobile version will be met with a high learning curve, although those who’ve played other mobile shooters or multiplayer games for iPhone will fit right in.

Apex Legends Mobile: What’s new?

The game gets a new mobile-exclusive Legend named Fade, who possesses unique abilities like the other characters in the game. A new Slipstream passive ability gives Fade a speed boost at the end of a slide, while the tactical ability Flashback allows him to teleport to a previous location. Fade’s ultimate ability is Phase Chamber, which allows the character to throw an explosive core that renders everyone caught in the radius temporarily unable to deal or receive damage. Note that Fade unlocks at Tier 25.

The game also has a new Overflow map in Arena mode, as well as new weapons like the heatshield, 30-30 marksman rifle and 4x-10x thermal imaging optic scope. Other elements like team-fill (auto-filling a new player in-game in team Deathmatch mode) are also present.

Apex Legends will follow a season system for its battle pass, similar to how Battlegrounds Mobile India and Call of Duty: Mobile have an in-game battle pass to reward players who complete daily missions with additional perks like skins and emotes.

Apex Legends  app PC download

What does it offer?

Mobile-Exclusive Content

The game features our fan-favorite game modes and legends from the original version but on top of that, you can also play some of the time-limited mobile-exclusive game modes with new legends to seal the deal!

Same Universe, New Experience 

Apex Legends mobile pc exists in the same familiar universe but everything from UI to Gameplay has been optimized to provide you a smooth and fast-paced fps experience.

Dominate the Game

Play Apex Legends mobile on pc and dominate these strategic character-based battles with your favorite legend using some of the most deadly arsenal at your disposal.

App Details

NameApex Legends Mobile
DeveloperElectronic Arts
PriceFree with in app purchases
SizeVaries with device

How to Install the Apex Legends Mobile app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need to install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Run the EXE file on your PC to complete the installation of the emulator.
  3. Open the emulator, it may take some time to open as it will depend upon your internet connection.
  4. In the PlayStore app, search for the Apex Legends Mobile and click on the install button.
  5. Log in using your Google ID to start the download process.

Also use the Apex Legends Mobile app on your smartphone as well.

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