How to change username in Apex Legends Mobile


There are several reasons why you might want to change your Apex Legends Mobile gaming username. Perhaps another player is harassing you, or you misspelled your name? Whatever the reason, Apex Legends Mobile allows you to change your name with the help of an in-game item called the rename card. We’ll show you where to get one and how to use it in-game to change your name.

Your in-game username is crucial because all of your online in-game friends will refer you by this name. So when you’re typing your in-game name, you’re making a big decision. Consider popular streamers or Esports players. Everything revolves around their in-game name.

Change username apex legends mobile

How To Change UserName In Apex Legends Mobile

When you first download Apex Legends Mobile and log in, the game prompts you to enter whatever name you want to use as your in-game name (the only condition being that it must not be already taken). Once you’ve chosen a username, you can only change it with a rename card.

There are only two ways to get rename cards in Apex Legends Mobile.

  • The game occasionally gives them out as rewards. You are given one as a beginning player, so make sure to use it wisely.
  • The only other method we found was paying 299 Syndicate Gold for one. Syndicate Gold is the in-game currency that you buy for real money.

The Rename Card is the very first thing you’ll need for changing your in-game nickname. Make sure you have it in your inventory. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy it from the store and it will cost 299 Syndicate Gold. Go to the Store>Boosters to buy a Rename Card. You’ll find the Sore menu on the bottom right of the in-game lobby. Now, go through the following steps to change your in-game name

Where Can I Buy Apex Legends Mobile Rename Card?

  • Log in to your Apex Legends Mobile account before starting the game.
  • Then, go shopping.
  • Tap on Rename Card and then 299 Syndicate Gold in the Boosters tab.
  • Tap Purchase Confirm Payment Using 299 Syndicate Gold and then Rename Card Amount.

How Do You Change Your Apex Legends Mobile Name?

  • Access your Apex Mobile account.
  • Tap the profile banner.
  • Select Edit (Pencil Icon) and then Change Name.
  • Fill in the blanks with a new name (Max 14 Characters are allowed).
  • Save and apply changes to your account by tapping.

You can change your name in Apex Legends Mobile for as much time as you need, in the event that you have the rename card with you.

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