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Arknights for PC is a new and improved jab at the tower defense genre, which is combined with some other popular mobile gaming genres to bring engaging and satisfying gameplay but adapted to the light mobile way. It has some interesting solutions as to the mechanics and the overall mix, while it also infuses it with an engaging story, characters that we get to know, and we get an emotional stake in it all. 

Arknights for mac

What is the Arknight PC app?

Arknights for PC places you in the shoes of “The Doctor,” a mysterious figure rescued by the Rhodes Island organization. You wake up with amnesia after being rescued by a woman named Amiya and her squad. This dystopian world is plagued by natural Disasters, which leave behind a valuable, but damned, resource called Originium. The issue here is that Originium infects those who come into contact with it with a disease. However, it allows for various tech to be created and magical abilities to those who can harness its power.

Semi-animalistic humans called Ancients are most susceptible to the Originium disease, leaving normal humans to be fearful of them despite the good intentions of most Ancients. Another group is known as The Reunion, a terrorist group filled with disenfranchised Ancients who use any means necessary to change the discriminatory behavior towards their people, even if it leads to death. Players are tasked with leading the fight against The Reunion and bringing order to a world on the brink of collapse.

Arknights for Windows app plays like a tower defense game, where you can place a variety of units on a field to halt enemies from getting too close to your resources. While simple in scope, there’s an insane amount of planning and preparation to go through before and during each level. Occasionally, you’ll get a tutorial mission before the primary mission that shows players any new tactics or special fields they’ll have to understand to get the upper hand in the ensuing battle.

Arknights app on Windows


The core gameplay is that of a tower defense game, with a number of characters (“operators”) as towers. Melee operators can be placed on ground tiles and ranged operators on elevated tiles. Melee operators physically block enemies from advancing, and ranged operators deal ranged damage, heal or otherwise support melee operators. Players must place operators on the correct tiles to prevent the enemy from infiltrating the player’s base. Once in place, an operator’s skills can be activated after a time for special effects, or they can be withdrawn for redeployment after a delay.

Because there is often a limited number of viable solutions, especially at high difficulties, Arknights for PC app has also been described as a puzzle game. The gameplay does not require quick reaction times (the game is pausable, and time slows down while commands are issued), but rather on-the-spot tactical analysis and foresight.

As the player progresses through the game, they unlock more stages, operators, and resources, and are also introduced to new types of enemies and gameplay mechanics. Levels that have been cleared with a three-star rating can be auto-completed without player input, as the game records the player’s actions and replicates them.

The game also has a base-building aspect, which allows players to construct facilities and assign operators to them. This allows players to increase their resources in the manner of an incremental game. It features the usual array of free-to-play, gacha game mechanics, such as daily login rewards and randomized character acquisition through virtual currency which can be obtained by playing the game, through limited-time events, or optional in-app purchases using real currency.

Because of the limited resources available (even if the real money is spent), another layer of the challenge lies in “internalizing multiple complex economic systems” and in prioritizing the right operators to recruit and develop in order to build a capable roster. Arknights for Windows players have created a number of internet resources and tools to assist in this effort

Arknights app PC download

How to Install the Arknights app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need to install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Run the EXE file on your PC to complete the installation of the emulator.
  3. Open the emulator, it may take some time to open as it will depend upon your internet connection.
  4. In the PlayStore app, search for the Arknights and click on the install button.
  5. Log in using your Google ID to start the download process.

Also, use the Arknights app on your smartphone as well.

Final Thoughts

But Arknights is still fairly young. The original Chinese version has only been around for a year and a half, and the English version was released in January. The game has introduced the dreaded idea of “limited” units that can only be pulled from the gacha during specific times, so it’s not like this game is completely free of gacha sin.

Free-to-play mobile games often come with menacing and problematic systems to force players to spend, and some of these features only start appearing after a year or two of the game’s life cycle. But, for now, Arknights is the one I feel confident enough in to suggest to my friends.

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