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Love streaming your favorite TV shows and movies online? If yes, then subscribing to a popular IPTV Player for Windows 11 can be a wise choice. But before we delve into the best Alternative GSE Smart IPTV player (2022), let’s first understand What IPTV is? & Why do you need one

What is an IPTV Player for Windows

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a service that allows you to watch online streaming via Internet Protocol (IP) networks. To use the IPTV, you have to buy a subscription and can watch all the Live media, TV Channels, and other services on your Windows PC. You can also use it on your Laptop, Android, and iOS devices.

If you want to use an IPTV, we have selected a few of the best ones here. Choose the best one from the list.

How Does IPTV Work?

IPTV provides access to television channels and other digital content via IP-based networks. It relies on a packet-switched network that covers both unicast (video on demand) and multicast (live TV) streams.

Why Do You Need An IPTV Player For Windows?

In today’s world of digital binge-watching, the traditional television formats, including broadcast/cable networks are on the verge of extinction. 

Nowadays, watching movies online and streaming live TV and sports directly from PCs, laptops, and tablets has become a new normal. In light of this, a dedicated IPTV player comes extremely handy in playing various streaming protocols on Windows devices. 

Best Alternative IPTV Players for GSE Smart IPTV on Windows

If you haven’t heard of the name IPTV players, then I guess you are still based on satellite televisions and cable services. Some IPTV players allow you to watch your favorite movies, cartoons, and shows from TV to PC for the optimal experience.

However, there are a lot of IPTV players available, and you choosing one is going to be hard. Internet protocol television services are taking over the regular corded televisions.

1. VLC Media Player

IPTV Players for Windows

This widely acclaimed IPTV player does not need an introduction. It is an open-source multimedia player that can effortlessly manage all your local media and stream IPTV content, without compromising your security and privacy. It uses m3u files to stream IPTV and other multimedia content.

All you need is the latest version of VLC and follow a few simple steps to stream IPTV into your VLC player.

  • Launch VLC Player.
  • Open Network Streams from the Media section.
  • Enter the URL of the IPTV network and press Enter. 
  • All your IPTV channels should now be visible in the left panel of the VLC

2. Kodi

IPTV Players for Windows 10 Best

Kodi is one of the best apps with a good range of add-ons. It has an IPTV add-on that can be used to make it work as an IPTV player. This add-on can be used for multiple devices like PC, Firestick, Android TV, and more.

It has a good collection of content from different digital services. This app is straightforward to use, and the User Interface is so simple. You will find so many guide tutorials to take help from it if you don’t understand anything.

4. IP-TV Player

IP-TV Player is a very advanced video player type that makes use of VLC player source code to aid you in tuning in live to your TV channels on your Windows computer. On the player, you will find a variety of playlists in .M3U formats, which gives easy access to live TV streaming. However, it is also compatible with MOV, API, MP4, WMV. This is no doubt a good IPTV player which you can use on your windows to watch and record video content.

5. MyIPTV Player

Available exclusively on Windows 10 computers – and on Xbox One consoles – MyIPTV Player is a simple, free, and easy-to-use IPTV player. Its interface is extremely intuitive and you will easily learn which options you need to use to add an IPTV list.

If you have an active IPTV subscription, you can use the My IPTV app for listening to online radio channels and watching digital TV and video on demand (VOD). Follow the simple steps below to set up the My IPTV app on your Windows:

  • Lunch My IPTV and navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Load your m3u playlist, select your preferred IPTV channel, and then click ‘OK’.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface and can seamlessly stream your m3u playlist from either local storage or any other remote location. If you want to give it a try, you can download the My IPTV app from Microsoft Store for free.

IPTV Player is the ideal option for those who want to not only watch IPTV on their Windows PC, but also on their TV connected to their Xbox console.

6. MegaCubo

Finishing off our list of the best IPTV Players for Windows 10, MegaCubo can be used to watch TV on the internet.

This way, you can easily synchronize an IPTV channel and set up the software to record it so you can watch it later. Other than that, you can also watch the shows in a miniature mode, while you do other things on your computer. Follow this link to learn more about it!


IPTV Players alternative for GSE Smart IPTV

Plex is one more well-known IPTV player to stream live television online. This player is able to transcode any media file to prevent buffering and slow loading. So, you can get entertained without any interruptions. The user interface of this player is often talked about as somewhat plain. But, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Why Plex?

Plex brings together all the media that matters to you. Your personal collection will look beautiful alongside stellar streaming content. Enjoy Live TV & DVR, a growing catalog of great web shows, news, and podcasts. It’s finally possible to enjoy all the media you love in a single app, on any device, no matter where you are.

Important Features

  • It is available on every platform out there, including ROKU, Chromecast, PLAYSTATION, XBOX, NVIDIA, etc. 
  • Enable users to watch tv on any screen-sized device and always renders great quality. 
  • You will just have to sign up, get plex on your device, and start experiencing. 
  • If you want to unlock the best content, you can upgrade to Plex Pass. 
  • 200 + free on-demand movies and shows from different production houses are available. 
  • You can watch up to 100 channels with the free version, while if you want to record, then a premium subscription is required. 

8. ProgTV

If you are considering only the well-known IPTV player for Windows PC, then you can become interested in starting using ProgTV. Besides watching your favorite TV shows live streaming, you can also listen to the Radio using this software. You can expect to get a great experience from the outstanding User Interface. At the same time, easy access to a considerable about of digital content motivated me to include ProgTV in this list. It is also known as ProgDVB. 

9. SimpleTV

It is another great IPTV player you can start using right now. There are so many reasons why we have put this on this list of the IPTV player for Windows. Among all of the reasons, I want to mention its 64-bit streamlined video from various sources, designed to take your IPTV experience to the next level. You will not only get popular tv channels and record live programs, but also you will be able to create your own playlist. 

Pros: You can customize the video streams. Its neat and dynamic user interface is also there to provide a great experience. 

Cons: The major downgrade is you cannot use this software for free. Again, it consumes a lot of power, so it essentially becomes bulky at times to operate. 


If you are making a list of the best IPTV players for Windows, then you will have no other choice but to include OttPlayer. It is one of its kind and will help you to get rid of the burden of paying the monthly subscription fee for your television channels.  It is so simple to use that even a novice will find it smooth while functioning. The user interface is pretty modern and clean. 


IPTV does bring convenience and simplicity to the table allowing users to stream content from their personal devices having a stable internet connection. In this article, we have already showcased all the popular and best IPTV Players for Windows. All you need is a stable internet connection along with an IPTV Network Stream link.

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