Best duplicate photo finder 2021 – Windows 11, Mac


Running out of storage space? Maybe it’s time to download a dedicated Duplicate Photo Finder on your Windows and Mac PCs.

Finding and removing duplicate photos from PC is a more complicated task than finding a needle in a haystack. Also, these identical or similar-looking images tend to get piled up with time, clutter your photo library and consume up to GBs of disk space in your PC. That’s why the fastest and safest solution to find and delete duplicate images is to use the best duplicate photo finder and remover software.

Top Duplicate Photo Finder 2021 – PAID

Manually deleting photos on Windows 10 is really time-consuming and tedious. When you capture photos on the camera, camcorder, or smartphone with good resolution, they come out with better image quality but also occupy large storage space.

For that, we have compiled for you the Best Duplicate Photo Finder available to you in 2021.

Duplicate File Fixer

Duplicate files fixer is one of the most versatile multi-platform tools to find and delete duplicate photos on your device. It gives you ample options to find duplicate photos on your computer. A quick scan and automatic selection make it the fastest duplicate finder and remover. The highlighting feature is the protection folder which will give you scan results but not delete the contents. 


  • Scans thoroughly in the folders.
  • Searches the file content.
  • Auto mark makes selection easy.
  • Selection Assistant can be customized.
  • Tips for user navigation.
  • Can find duplicates images, documents, videos, audios as well.


  • Free trial allows you to clean only 15 files.

Photosweeper (9.99$)

duplicate photo finder
  • PhotoSweeper provides 3 modes for reviewing results: “One by One”, ”Face-to-Face” – one or two large photos with an opportunity to mark a photo with just a click, “All in One“ – all groups of duplicates in one list.
  • It is a fast, precise & super efficient tool to eliminate similar or duplicate photos even in huge photo collections.
  • It works with Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Capture One and Lightroom media libraries as well as photos from your hard drives and external storages.
  • Mark photos you want to get rid of manually, or use the “Auto Mark” feature to mark duplicates automatically based on the list of rules you can adjust to your needs in the Preferences.
  • Powerful multi-settings to easily find duplicates, similar photos, series of shots.

Gemini 2 (19.95$)

FREE duplicate photo finder 2021


Free up gigabytes of storage space:

  • Find duplicate files of any kind: pics, music, docs, you name it
  • Identify duplicate folders, too
  • Delete duplicates on external drives and network volumes
  • Monitor your Mac or separate folders for new duplicates and delete them right away

Organize your photos and music:

  • Spot iTunes and Music library duplicates
  • Find similar music in iTunes and Music library (files that differ only by format or bit rate)

Save time picking out duplicate files:

  • Trust Gemini to autoselect the copies and keep the originals intact
  • See how similar files differ with the help of handy icons
  • Add your own Smart Selection rules, like deleting the duplicates that are older

CCleaner (24.95$)

CCleaner has most of its valuable tools in one convenient location. Windows 10 has its Disk Defragmenter, Storage Sense, and Startup applications all located in different places within the operating system. Plus, you get Drive Wiper, an app that CCleaner claims permanently deletes the unwanted, sensitive files.

The premium version of the software has a feature that allows you to locate and delete duplicate pictures on your Windows and Mac PCs. Along with other PC performance-boosting features, this feature certainly takes it to the next level.

Best & Completely Free Duplicate Photo Finders & Cleaners in 2021 (FREE)

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome duplicate photo finder

Here’s another excellent tool to find & delete similar pics, Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. It ensures that your photo album is always clean and up-to-date. It smartly compares resized, edited, rotated pictures, so that you get accurate results & no clone pictures are left behind. Now it also allows you to export the list of duplicates for keeping records.

How it works

Start with adding folders in the tool and then click on Start Search. The results will show the duplicates found in a list at the bottom and you can open images at a time. It shows the similarity level to help you judge the duplicates or similar images. Take the action of moving it to a different folder or deleting them one by one.

Get it Here


Ashisoft, in general, is known for creating programs and products that make life and managing files easier. So, it’s safe to say that their awesome duplicate photo finder aims to do the same for locating and deleting similar picture files on your devices.

The intuitive selection assistant works to identify duplicate files to delete, selecting them for you. Of course, you can also go through the selections to unmark any pictures you still want to keep.

The image viewer is also super helpful, as it showcases all of the sides of the duplicate image by side to let you compare and contrast all of the selections.

What is Quick Photo Finder?

duplicate photo finder for Mac and Windows

Even the most well-performing computer becomes sluggish after some time. One of the reasons for this deteriorated PC performance is the accumulation of duplicate photos.

These images hog up the device space and make it turtle-like, slow, and buggy. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to clear the piled-up picture duplicates. Since manually finding and deleting such pictures is practically impossible, you need a duplicate photo finder that can help you do it with ease.

Quick Photo Finder is one such duplicate photo remover that finds and deletes every trace of similar and twin photos from your computer without requiring any tedious efforts from your end.

As soon as you install the software, it runs a deep scan to find similar pictures from every hidden corner of your Microsoft Windows system. No twin or almost a twin image can escape from the intelligent algorithms that it employs. Moreover, it also allows you to set the image matching criteria to identify the correct duplicates.


How to Use VisiPics?

  • Open the software and select the location where you wish to scan for duplicates.
  • You can select the level of the scan, file location, and auto ignore feature.
  • After the scan completes, you can observe the list of duplicates according to your selection and delete the duplicates.

VisiPics Price:

You are not required to spend a fortune on VisiPics as it is entirely free to download and use.

NOTE: IF some of the softwares you like has an app and you want to use it on your PC just download the BlueStacks emulator on your PC and use the apps.

Final Words

As you probably agree, photographers tend to keep every image they capture just in case they need to locate it someday! And for those that shoot for a living, you’ll probably have tens, if not hundreds of thousands of images on file – retaining and protecting client work is critical after all.

So I hope that this article was able to help you find Duplicate photo Finder software for your PCs. If we have missed some do let us know in the comments section below.

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