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Mobile gamers looking to try their hand at a new RPG are in luck because a particularly cool one just went live in the App Store. Dislyte from Lilith Games International is now available for download on your PC as well.

Dislyte for Mac

What is the Dislyte PC app?

Dislyte takes place in the year 2027, which looks super futuristic until you remember that that’s like 5 years from now. Apparently, we put aside a LOT of political discourse and evolve from a technological standpoint in a BIG way over the next few years so strap in. Personally, I’m just excited to get my flying jellyfish robot friend like one of the characters in this game has.

Another thing we have to look forward to five years from now is the awaking of the chaotic Miramon who is basically an elder god of mayhem and destruction. What awakes it? Miracles. These things “blinked” into existence and people who are sensitive to them absorbed powers from them and, in the process, absorbed the essence of famous gods, deities, and mythological beasts from various belief systems and religions.

Christ isn’t in the game but I’m holding out for future DLC because my team needs a new healer and I think his ability to turn water into wine would be cool for the intense party vibe the future seems to have.

Gameplay – Dislyte for PC

As for the game itself, it’s played in your standard Gacha Game RPG format but the characters have enough unique moves where it’s more than just clicking and telling them to go. For example, Mona and Drew, two of your earliest characters that have moves where, if it kills an enemy, give that character another turn. The Eros-inspired Q, one of the earliest characters you get, has a really cool move called Joke of the Aether which “Links” two enemies together with a heart thread.

Damaging one damages the other and it’s pretty great. Even if you do an attack that hits both at once, they also get the additional damage of their partner getting hit. One I’ve come to straight-up abuse is Horus-inspired Falken who has a passive ability called Eye of Vengeance. When he hits an enemy with any attack (even if it’s all enemies at once) they get inflicted with the Eye of Horus. If an enemy with Eye of Horus attacks, Falken automatically counterattacks them.

Dislyte app on Windows

Characters from all corners of the mythology

As terrifying as these Miracle Monsters can be, Espers have the power to bring them down – and look hella awesome doing it. Dislyte for Windows’s Espers are inspired by the coolest characters from different myths around the world, reimagined into this pop-fantasy RPG for players’ visual pleasures.

Sun Wukong from Chinese mythology joins Anubis from Egyptian lore, as well as Odin from Norse mythology and so much more. Throughout your neon-filled journey across artistically designed maps, you’ll encounter ancient gods and mythological creatures, learning more about their tales along the way.

Jaw-dropping visuals

Of course, these Espers not only look good, but they also strut their stuff on the battlefield with stylish combat moves against the backdrop of striking 3D maps and cityscapes.

Combined with a unique pop fantasy art style and high-quality animations, characters will look even more stunning as you collect and build your roster of Espers. You will then unleash hell against the Miramon using strategic gameplay – a quality you can expect from the makers of mobile hits such as AFK Arena and Rise of Kingdoms.

It’s all about the beat

Dislyte app on Windows keeps players on their toes and challenges their musical inclinations with cool cityscape sounds and a gacha system where you get to drop the beat. Funky, groovy, infrasound waves appear to have a major influence on the monsters popping up all over the world, so it’s up to you to manipulate divine power to save humanity.

Dislyte app PC

How to Install the Dislyte app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need an Android emulator on your PC, I will recommend the BlueStacks emulator.
  2. Complete the installation of the emulator by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Open the emulator and look for the PlayStore app on the home screen.
  4. You will be asked to log in using your Google ID.
  5. Search for the Dislyte app and click on the install button.

You can also use the Dislyte app on your smartphone as well.

Final Thoughts

Beyond all the color and music, Dislyte for PC has the potential to be an absorbing RPG with plenty of characters and moves to get the best out of. The developer promises “deep strategic gameplay” and if that sounds like something you could be into, be sure to give Dislyte a try.

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