Download 360 Security Lite for PC Windows 10 & Mac


Follow this tutorial to download 360 Security Lite for PC. The 360 Security Lite for PC can speed up your slow computer by removing junk.

360 Security Lite for PC
Using 360 Security Lite for PC on Windows 10 via BlueStacks

360 Security Lite

The 360 Security Lite is a famous cleaner application that was originally built for Android phones. The application’s usability pushed Windows users to opt for it as well. Although this application isn’t officially available for Windows or macOS, the users still run it and we are going to show you how do they do so.

First things first, the 360 Security Lite is one of the best tools to keep the junk off from your computer. If you have ever used the CCleaner, the 360 Security Lite works in a similar manner.

The 360 Security Lite is divided into 3 parts. The first part is the speed booster. This clears the apps running in the background. It clears the cache of the applications helping the RAM work faster. The speed booster improves the overall performance of your device.

360 security lite for pc

The 2nd part deals with junk. It analyzes the storage of your device and crafts a list of the files that you have never used or you are unlikely to use. You can take a look at the collected files and press the clean button to get rid of them in one go.

The last part of the application is malware removal. It scans through all of your installed software, looks for applications with malicious intentions and informs you about them. You can then select to keep those files or remove them on the go.

360 security lite for pc

The app is further equipped with features like smart lock, smart boost, and game boost. The smart lock can be used to lock the files and the apps in order to protect them from unwanted users. The game boost, according to the developers, can improve the performance of the device to run games smoothly.

game booster, smart booster & smart lock

The first two features of the 360 security lite make sense. The application can actually boost the speed and performance of your device and it definitely helps take care of the useless files too. But the malware part is a bit dubious because it does not really do anything rather than just suggesting to install an application lock tool.

So, if your concern is to improve the speed of your device and also to free up space, the 360 Security Lite is the way to go. Assuming that you have understood this application to its core, we are now all set to take a look at the steps to install it.


  • Windows or macOS-powered computer.
  • BlueStacks Android Emulator – Download & Install
  • 360 Security Lite APK – Download
  • This tutorial.

Download 360 Security Lite for PC

  1. Install the BlueStacks emulator and set it up using your existing or new Google Account.
  2. Open the BlueStacks on your computer now.
  3. Drag the 360 Security Lite APK and drop it onto the Emulator.
  4. The app will be installed and appear on the BlueStacks Home Screen, launch it now.
  5. Use the Booster/Cleaner/Antivirus feature now to improve the performance of your device.

While using the 360 Security Lite for PC, remember that it affects will remain limited to the BlueStacks emulator only. The app is built for the Android system and it cannot clean up your entire computer. BlueStacks is a very resource-hungry software and it requires cleaning every now and then. If you use BlueStacks on a daily basis to play Android games on your computer, you must use the 360 Security Lite to keep it smooth.


That’s all with the installation of 360 Security Lite for PC. If you have got any questions regarding the emulator or the app itself, feel free to use the comment box below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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