Download FlashFox for PC, Windows 7, 8, 10 and OS X


Follow the instructions provided here to download FlashFox for PC or Laptop and experience open and complete web browsing with the FlashFox app now on the big screens.

FlashFox App Features

FlashFox app or FlashFox browser is designed by Mobius Networks with an in-built Adobe Flash Player to give you a complete and premium browsing experience. It is a free web browser that puts the power of the open and complete web in your hands. It comes with a wide range of features and can be termed as one of the fasted Adobe Flash player-enabled browsers that you can use. It makes the internet browsing experience a whole lot easier and more seamless.

FlashFox for PC

Coming to the features part, it is super-fast, easy to access, and user-friendly. It comes with a Smart search that allows you to keep your favorite sites and videos at your fingertips. Also, it doesn’t have unnecessary plug-ins, which means faster access less load time. As for security, it has an extensive security layout, add-ons, and features like Do Not Track that help you browse the internet in a secure manner.

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While the browser is Adobe Flash Player enabled, you might need to zoom-in on flash content for it to load as for performance small area flash content doesn’t load automatically. And that’s pretty much the key features. If you have made up your mind, you can follow the sections below to download FlashFox for PC and Laptop.

How to use FlashFox on Windows and macOS

FlashFox is a complete browser with a built-in Adobe Flash Player that provides a faster way to browse the internet. Given that it is designed for Android OS, you can easily install it on your handheld devices via Google Play. When it comes to PCs and Laptops, the process is slightly different since these devices run Windows or OS X.

FlashFox for PC

In order to install or use the FlashFox browser, you need a running Android OS platform. And that’s where the Emulators come in. You can set up the missing link of Android OS on your PC/Laptop and use the app on big screens. For ease, we have listed the instructions in the section below to help you with the process.

Setting up the Android Emulator

Before we get to the installation part, a few lines on the Emulators for newbies. An Android Emulator is basically a virtual machine that emulates the Android OS. Think of it as setting up an Android OS platform. In short, with an Android Emulator, you can install and use the FlashFox app on Windows running PC/Laptop and OS X powered MacBook/iMac.

  1. First, you need to download the Emulator file via the official website. You can follow our guides on Bluestacks for Windows or Bluestacks for Mac.
  2. If you have downloaded the .exe file, double-click on it to initiate the installation.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.
  4. Next, set up the Emulator using your Google account. That’s it.

Install FlashFox for PC and Laptop

  1. Launch the Emulator that you have installed on your PC or Laptop.
  2. On the home screen, look for the google play store (on Bluestacks you will find it under ‘system apps‘) and open it.
  3. Now search for FlashFox via google play search.
  4. Next, click on the FlashFox app icon and install it via Emulator.
  5. Once the installation completes, you’ll find FlashFox under the ‘Apps’ section.
FlashFox for PC


FlashFox will not work system-wide and you must open it inside the Bluestacks. If you are having trouble with FlashFox for PC installation, reach us via comments.

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