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Hola VPN is one of the most popular VPNs that also happens to be free. It was originally an Android app, but with our guide, you can run it on a PC too. Take a look at the steps to download Hola VPN for your PC. You can install the Hola VPN for PC on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and macOS.

Hola VPN for PC

Hola VPN Review

Hola happens to be a top choice for privacy & freedom seekers. This is a peer-to-peer VPN service that acts as a shield between your internet connection and the online parties. When we talk about a Virtual Private Network, unblocking websites is not the only thing that we are looking forward to.

A VPN has a lot more to do. While the Hola VPN does unblock websites and webpages by lifting all the geological restrictions on your internet connection, it does have a handful of other nice features too.

First of all, the VPN implementation of Hola VPN is rock solid. It is not among those VPNs that apparently tell you that you are safe, but the moment you go online, the VPN loses its feet. The app ensures that you are protected and your privacy is foolproof. Some VPNs have obfuscated servers to enforce IP change, the Hola VPN can do this without the obfuscated option.

Features of HolaVPN

Back in the day, this was the VPN that most users used to download the Call of Duty Mobile as the game was available in India only. Countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, and a couple of others are available for free in the Hola VPN.

The VPN has its servers in over a dozen countries. A fair amount of countries is free and if you need more servers, you can definitely opt for a premium version of this application.

Hola VPN for PC

One of the nicest options in the HolaVPN is that when you launch this app, you get a list of all the apps that you want to open through the VPN. Setting a particular application to use Hola VPN will always attempt to load that certain app through a VPN. This is a great feature, especially for apps like Spotify. That is because if you use Spotify on a VPN once and you use it without a VPN the next time, Spotify will stop working.

The general scenario would require you to manually turn on your VPN every time you want to use Spotify. That, however, is not going to be the case if you are going to use the Hola VPN. Just select the app inside the VPN and have that freedom of mind.

Hola has a location spoofer incorporated. If you want to change the GPS location of your device, you can get its own spoofer through the option given inside the application. This feature comes in handy when you’ve to play AR-based games that require movement.

It has military-grade encryption that keeps intruders away from your data. The ISP, any institute, or any authority cannot snoop into your online activities. Hola VPN has a no-backtrack policy. It does not keep logs of any of your activities. There is a long list of nice features that I guess you should be checking out by installing this app.

Hola VPN on a computer… wait, what?

Because of its unique features, Hola VPN is completely worth running on a computer. It’s not officially available for Windows or macOS, but with the help of an Android emulator, you can download it on a PC. I am going to show you the method to download Hola VPN for PC using BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. Take a look at the requirements now and then the steps to install Hola VPN for PC.

Requirements to download Hola VPN for PC

  • Desktop PC or Laptop with Windows 7/8/10 or macOS.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Google Account. If you don’t already have one, you can create a new one for free.
  • Android Emulator i.e. BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.
  • Download and install the emulator and set it up using the Google Account.
  • The remaining part of this guide.

Download Hola VPN for PC

  1. Open the Emulator on the computer.
  2. In the Emulator, open the Google Play.
  3. Using the search bar of the Play Store, find the Hola Free VPN.
  4. As you find the VPN, install it and wait for the installation to end.
  5. Now open the VPN, select your desired country, and the app you want to launch via Hola.
  6. Start using the internet or the app you just selected.Hola VPN for PC
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