Download ShareMi for PC, Windows 7, 8, 10 and OS X


Transfer files across devices and manage your data with the ShareMi app now on big screens as we help you download ShareMi for PC and Laptop.

ShareMi App Features

ShareMi is a super-fast data sharing application that allows you to transfer different kinds of files across a wide range of devices. While there are other methods that you can use to transfer files, the reason you should go for the ShareMi app is the speed. With the ShareMi app, you can transfer files at 30MB/s, many times the speed of Bluetooth.

ShareMi for PC

You can transfer all kinds of files, be it a music file, a video, movie, even an app, and doc. files across different devices. The app is simple and easy to use, and you do not even require cable, etc. In addition, you can create backups, batch copy all data, and replicate phone data using the ShareMi app. Moreover, it supports 50+ languages that makes it a whole lot easy to use.

The UI is user-friendly, you can easily navigate around different features and use the platform to transfer files instantly. ShareMi also supports cross-platform systems such as Android, KaiOS, Windows, and PAD. Aside from that, there are other features such as auto-transmission, which automatically resumes the transfer after an interruption.

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You can easily upgrade the app to get hold of the latest features. To sum it all up, you have a perfect platform in the form of ShareMi app that you can use to transfer files and manage data across devices. If you want to download ShareMi for PC on Windows and Mac devices, head over to the sections below.

How to Use ShareMi on Windows and macOS

ShareMi is a powerful data-sharing tool that allows you to transfer different kinds of files at high speeds. And since most of the data reside on PCs and Laptops, you would want to use it on these devices for data transfer. On handheld devices, you can easily install the ShareMi app via Google Play and iTunes. However, the same cannot be said for PCs and Laptops.

ShareMi for PC

In order to install the ShareMi on a PC or Laptop, you will need a running Android OS platform. And since PCs/Laptops lacks that, you cannot directly install the app. An easy way would be to use the Emulators and run the app on big screens. For your ease, we have listed the instructions in the section below to help you set up an Emulator yourself.

Setting Up the Android Emulator

Before we delve into the instructions, here are few things to help you get an idea about Emulators. These are virtual machines that emulate the Android OS and sits as an app on your PCs and Laptops. The whole of an Emulator is to set up an Android OS platform. With the Emulator set, you can easily use the ShareMi on Windows running PC/Laptop and OS X powered Macbook/iMac.

  1. First, you need to download the Emulator file via the official website. You can follow our guides on Bluestacks for Windows or Bluestacks for Mac.
  2. If you have downloaded the .exe file, double-click on it to initiate the installation.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.
  4. Next, set up the Emulator using your Google account. That’s it.

Install ShareMi for PC and Laptop

  1. Launch the Emulator that you have installed on your PC or Laptop.
  2. On the home screen, look for the google play store (on Bluestacks you will find it under ‘system apps‘) and open it.
  3. Now search for ShareMi via google play search.
  4. Next, click on the ShareMi app icon and install it via Emulator.
  5. Once the installation completes, you’ll find ShareMi under the ‘Apps’ section.
ShareMi for PC


ShareMi will not work system-wide and you must open it inside the Bluestacks. If you are having trouble with ShareMi for PC installation, reach us via comments.

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