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Connect multiple network camera devices and access features remotely using the YI Life app now on big screens as we help you download YI Life for PC and Laptop so that you can connect to your family via real-time audio and video.

About YI Life App

YI Life is a client-side video surveillance application that you can use to connect and manage multiple network camera devices. You can connect with your family through real-time audio and video anytime. In terms of features, you can access connected devices’ features such as PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) remotely. This enables you to extend the area of coverage and enable a clear view. Also, you can activate 4x zoom and focus on details with few clicks.

YI Life for PC

You connect and manage multiple YI Life camera devices using the different layout settings. It supports HD resolution (1280 x 720), which delivers excellent quality, you can enlarge or zoom in to view even the small details. In addition to viewing, you can also download video clips from the live stream and take screenshots. The data can be stored on the device’s storage or synced with the cloud. On-device, YI Life stores the clips with the date and time stamp, so that you can easily locate the clips using a basic search.

In terms of security, it has in-built motion detection that keeps an eye on the things that are important. In case of unusual movement, YI Life instantly alerts you via a notification, detailing when, where, and what movement was detected. Aside from that, it utilizes an adaptive streaming technology that automatically adjusts to the optimal viewing quality based on the network speed.

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As for the app, YI Life comes with a unique design and a user-friendly interface. If you looking for a basic level platform to manage multiple network camera devices, give YI Life a shot. It is free and you can easily install it on handheld devices via app stores. To check whether you can download YI Life for PC or not, head over to the section below.

Can I Use YI Life on Windows and macOS?

With the YI Life app, you can connect to your family via video and audio channels anytime remotely. You can access the network camera device’s features remotely and features such as PTZ, resolution, and more. YI Life is aimed at Android and iOS systems and you can easily get it on handheld devices via Google Play and iTunes. Keeping in view the features, you might want to use the YI Life app on the big screens of your PCs and Laptops. While on PCs/Laptops, you can manage the live feed of multiple cameras efficiently, the installation process is slightly different from handheld devices.

Since there isn’t any PC version of the YI Life app that you can install directly on your devices, the next possible solution would be to use the Android version of the YI Life app. Now to install and run Android apps on PC, you basically need a running Android OS platform on top of Windows and OS X systems. One of the easiest ways to set up an Android OS platform is to use an Android Emulator. To help you with the Emulators, we have shed light on the installation process in the section below.

How to set up an Android Emulator

To give you an overview of the Emulators, these are virtual machines that emulate the Android OS, allowing you to run Android apps on PC or Laptop. Think of an Emulator as a third-party app that you can install on top of Windows and OS X platforms. When launched, these apps provide the Android platform. To put it into simple words, with an Emulator set, you can easily install and use the YI Life app on your Windows running PC/Laptop and OS X powered MacBook/iMac devices.

  1. First, you need to download the Emulator file via the official website.
  2. You can follow our guides on Bluestacks for Windows or Bluestacks for Mac.
  3. If you have downloaded the .exe file, double-click on it to initiate the installation.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.
  5. Next, set up the Emulator using your Google account. That’s it.

Install YI Life for PC and Laptop

  1. Launch the Emulator that you have installed on your PC or Laptop.
  2. On the home screen, look for the google play store (on Bluestacks you will find it under ‘system apps‘) and open it.
  3. Now search for YI Life via google play search.
  4. Next, click on the YI Life app icon and install it via Emulator.
  5. Once the installation completes, you’ll find YI Life under the ‘Apps’ section.
YI Life for PC


YI Life app will not work system-wide and you must open it inside the Bluestacks. If you are having trouble with YI Life for PC installation, reach us via comments.

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