FamiSafe for PC – How to use free on Windows 10, Mac


Download the FamiSafe app on your PC. with features like kids’ screen time limiting, website filtering, game & porn blocking, suspicious photos detecting and suspicious text detecting on social media app like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.

FamiSafe for Mac

What is the FamiSafe PC app?

Kids use the internet for educational purposes. However, the internet consists of many sites that are either inappropriate for kids or are illegal. If there is no restriction on their smartphones that are using the internet, they may accidentally visit those sites which can change their psychology of the mind. That is why the online safety of kids becomes important for every parent. For this purpose, they use a screen time app that can monitor all the online activity on their kid’s phone. Many parental control apps have screen time features, but the best among them is the FamiSafe for PC app.

FamiSafe for Windows is a parental control application compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle. Allows parents to access search history and user database. The application usage summary is also a great help for any parent who wants to monitor their offspring. It is also an easy to use application with simple features and installation. Ever since Wondershare launched the app, it has been among the most trusted parental control apps out there.

What does it offer?

FamiSafe for PC app provides you the leverage to monitor and your teens’ phones remotely. Once installed, the app empowers parents to access and control kids’ mobile phones and tablets via an online portal. Parents can block apps and websites, monitor text messages, and control screen time without having the target phone in their hands.

FamiSafe app on Windows

The app enables you to supervise their activities in two ways:

Contextual Notifications: It sends you alerts whenever your kids enter or leave a particular location (location tracking), and when something unusual happens on their phone.

Limit or Block phone usage: It lets you monitor and block content on your kids’ smartphone so that they can’t watch, read or listen to what they’re not supposed to. It also alerts you if someone sends your kids inappropriate or potentially harassing texts.

The process of getting FamiSafe for PC in your smartphone and the target (kids) device is quite simple. You don’t need advanced skills on Android / iOS to get it to work. Worth noting that the first necessary step is to register an account since FamiSafe is an account-based product. If it’s your first login you can just register on the app start screen. As aforementioned, the app is available for demonstration with limited features. However, you can pick a paid plan for the full-fledged experience.


  • Third-Party Log In
  • Pairing Code Mode
  • Activity Report
  • App Blocker
  • Screen Time
  • Web Content

On the other hand, this app has a number of tools designed to help you manage how the device is used. With FamiSafe – Location Tracker & Parental Control app you can check your children’s search history and limit their access to websites you don’t want them to visit. You can also see where they’ve been by viewing their location history and setting up alerts when your child enters or leaves a particular location.

With all the control and location features, the app is the perfect app to manage your kids’ smartphone use and increase their daily safety

FamiSafe app PC download

App Details

Size15 Mb

How to Install the FamiSafe app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need to install an Android emulator on your PC, I will recommend the BlueStacks emulator.
  2. Complete the installation of the emulator by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Open the PlayStore app from the home screen of the emulator.
  4. Now you will be required to log in using your Google ID.
  5. Search for the FamiSafe app and click on the install button to get the app on your PC.

You can also use the FamiSafe app on your smartphone.

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