Fix Error: Inaccessible Boot Device Windows 10 and 11


In Windows 10 and 11, inaccessible boot device errors are simple to resolve. However, before you can get started and solve any errors that arise, you must first understand exactly what you need to do.

This error message frequently prevents computers from properly booting up. It alerts users that their computer has encountered a problem and that a restart is required to correct the alleged error. It also states that Windows is gathering error information and will restart after a certain percentage of time has passed.

If the boot device on your PC is no longer bootable, the system will detect this and display the appropriate error message to you. A common error that prevents you from successfully booting the system is an inaccessible boot device.

Generally speaking, a boot device refers to the hardware which contains the files and drivers required for computer startup or which is able to read those boot files & drivers. Usually, the operating system is loaded from the boot device to start your computer. Common boot devices include a hard drive, CD/DVDs, USB drives, etc.

Inaccessible Boot Device

Causes of the Inaccessible_Boot_Device stop error

Any one of the following factors might cause the stop error:

  • Missing, corrupted, or misbehaving filter drivers that are related to the storage.
  • File system corruption.
  • Changes to the storage controller mode or settings in the BIOS.
  • Using a different storage controller than the one that was used when Windows was installed.
  • Moving the hard disk to a different computer that has a different controller.
  • A faulty motherboard or storage controller, or faulty hardware.
  • Corrupted files in the Boot partition (for example, corruption in the volume that’s labeled SYSTEM when you run the diskpart > list vol command)
  • If there’s a blank GPT entry before the entry of the Boot partition.

Enabling ACHI mode

Enable AHCI mode in bios, AHCI mode provides advanced features to the SATA interface some hard drives couldn’t function if the AHCI mode is not enabled.

  • To enable it you need to open the bios settings of your pc.
  • Press the f2 or delete key when booting the system check your system manual or internet to know the key for entering bios.
  • Once you are in bios locate the advanced options then set AHCI mode now turn the AHCI mode value to enabled.
  • Save the settings and quit.
  • Restart the pc and check if your pc is continuously rebooting by flashing the blue screen error.
  • Don’t worry after a couple of reboots the system will go into automatic repair.

System Image Recovery

System image recovery this option tries to recover the windows with an image file if there is an image file you can recover the windows startup repair the startup repair tries to fix the problems that are preventing windows from loading

  • Go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery in Windows 10. Click the Restart now button under Advanced startup in the Advanced startup section on the right.
  • Users of Windows 11 should navigate to Settings > System > Recovery, then click the Restart now button next to Advanced startup.
Fix Inaccessible Boot Device

Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > System Image Recovery from the Choose an option window.

View additional recovery options. Choose System Image Recovery. Follow the on-screen instructions to restore your image file.

Go Back to The Previous Version of your Windows

You can try this option also go back to the previous version if you had recently installed a new windows version you could go back to the previous version it might solve the boot error but this option is only available if you had installed the new version in the last 10 days

Run the Startup Repair utility

Click the taskbar’s Start menu button.

Select the Power option.

Then click the Restart option whilst pressing and holding the Shift key.

Next, select Troubleshoot and Advanced options.

Select the Start-up Repair option.

Update device drivers

Right-click the Start menu’s button to select Device Manager.

  • Look for devices with yellow exclamation marks by them in Device Manager.
  • If you find a device with a yellow exclamation mark, right-click it and select Update driver.
  • Then select the Search automatically for updated driver software option within the window that opens.
  • If there aren’t any devices with yellow exclamation marks, it’s still recommended that you at least update graphics, network, and audio device drivers, as this is likely to fix the Inaccessible Boot Device Windows 11 and 10 error.

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Final Thoughts

The Inaccessible Boot Device error is annoying, but many Windows 10 and 11 users report that it is simple to resolve. The five methods listed above have been shown to be effective in resolving Windows 10 and 11 blue screen errors.

Without a doubt, at least one of these options will work for you. Simply give them a try and share your thoughts in the comments section below. Best regards!

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