Netflix error code NSES 500- All possible solutions


Are you experiencing Netflix error code NSES 500? Or you just can’t access Netflix on your equipment, and you need to fix it. This article will help to provide a solution on why you see the error NSES 500 on the Netflix app and what possible method you can adopt to fix it.

The moment you see NSES-500 error code on your Netflix while streaming or not, it means Netflix is ​​not available to you and many users in the United States. Some users like you will also report the error code NSES 500 and want it to be resolved in no time.

Before you stress looking for how to fix Netflix error code NSES, you need to find out whether Netflix itself is aware of the error code 500 or not.

Why Does My Netflix Account Keep Saying Error Code NSES 500?

The Netflix NSES 500 error code is unique to users who use a web browser to stream media from the Netflix website instead of the Netflix app.

The error code can appear when the browser window has been left open for a long time, and the information on the Netflix server no longer matches what is on the version of the Netflix site being displayed. A conflict with temporary internet files downloaded from the Netflix website can also be behind the NSES-500 error.

Clear Your Browsing Cache and Cookies. 

Browsers store temporary data on your computer, which are called caches and cookies. These data are used to improve the loading times of websites you’ve previously visited and enhance your browser’s overall performance. 

However, caches and cookies can accumulate over time and get corrupted. If this happens, you can expect your browser and the websites you visit to malfunction. 

To fix this, follow the steps below to clear your browsing data: 

  • On your computer, launch your preferred browser and press the CTRL + H keys on your keyboard to access the History tab. 
  • After that, click on Clear Browsing Data from the side drawer. 
  • Now, click on Time Range and select All Time from the drop-down menu. 
  • Finally, include caches and cookies in the process and click the Clear Data button to continue. 
Netflix error code NSES 500

Once done, go back to Netflix and re-access your account to check if the NSES-500 error message would still occur. 

Disable Your Browser Extensions or Try Another Browser. 

Some extensions or add-ons may not be compatible with Netflix and could interrupt its standard workflow. In this case, we suggest disabling your browser extensions before accessing the Netflix website to avoid any issues. 

Check out the steps below to disable your browser extensions: 

  • First, open your browser and click on the Options button from your display’s top right corner. 
  • Next, click on the Settings tab and access your browser’s Extensions tab from the side menu. 
  • Lastly, disable all of your browser extensions, including the ones related to Netflix

After turning off your browser extensions, go back to Netflix and check if the problem is solved. 

On the other hand, you can also try using different browsers if the Netflix website refuses to load on your default browser. Ideally, try using browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, which use render engines optimized for most websites. 

Run Malwarebytes. 

Another factor to consider when you are having difficulties accessing Netflix is to check for malware and other viruses. Your computer will struggle to operate normally if viruses and malware have infiltrated your system. 

To check your computer for viruses, run a full system scan using Malwarebytes. It is third-party antivirus software that automatically detects suspicious files on your computer and removes them with a press of a single button. 

Restart Your Computer. 

Errors and other problems may have occurred on your operating system and cause other applications to malfunction or not work at all. If this is the case, we recommend restarting your computer to reload your operating system and eliminate any errors that occurred. 

On Windows, follow the steps below to restart your system: 

  • First, press the Windows key on your keyboard to access the Start Menu
  • Next, click on the Power button to open the options menu. 
  • Lastly, click on Restart and follow the on-screen prompts to reboot your system. 

If you are using a macOS device, you can restart it by doing the following: 

  • On your computer, click on the Apple logo on the top left corner of your display. 
  • After that, click on Restart
  • Finally, click the Restart button again on the pop-up message to confirm the action. 

Wait for your system to reboot and use Netflix again to check if the problem is solved. 

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