Valorant: How to Fix Error Code 43 and 46


Valorant quickly became one of the most popular esport shooters since the closed beta launched in April 2020. Just like with many other live-service titles, players can easily run into a number of errors that will impact their experience logging into or playing VALORANT

Like most online games, however, players have encountered many issues while playing. If you’re new to the game it’s likely you will face one of these problems. So we’ve compiled a list of potential error codes, for new players and veterans alike, that developer Riot Games is currently aware of. From game crashes to network issues, we’ve got you covered with explanations and solutions if you come across these Valorant error codes.

The FPS has a dedicated page on Riot Games’ support website due to the sheer number of potential errors that could pop up, and two of those listed error codes are numbered 43 and 46. And because the codes are so closely numbered, the general type of issue is similar between the two. 

Fix Valorant Error Code 43 and 46

As Valorant has just launched, there is definitely going to be a gold rush among those who want to get their hands on the game as soon as possible. The chances are high that the servers are quite packed at the moment, so wait for some time, till Riot finds a way to handle the large number of log-ins.

Running Valorant as an administrator might solve the issue as well, so do give it a go from time to time, to see if it fixes the error.

Fix Valorant Error Code 43

Error code 43 specifically deals with the VALORANT client timing out for one reason or another, whether that be when logging in or while already signed in. After getting the error, the easiest fix is to restart the Riot Client and try logging in again, which should fix the problem. 

If the error persists, you might actually end up dealing with error code 46, which deals not only with log-in issues but general platform downtime as well. 

After patch update 0.49, error code 43 started popping up more frequently in Valorant. According to the official Riot support page, it potentially means that the system has timed out and to restart the Riot Client, so you should do just that.

  • Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to open up the Task Manager.
  • Right-Click on Valorant and select End Task.
  • Restart the Riot Client
  • If you still face problems then restart your PC and check if you are having a stable internet connection.

Run compatibility troubleshooter

VALORANT error code 43 indicates that the game’s client couldn’t run it within a specified time. This is a connectivity related issue and also could be a compatibility issue. To troubleshoot the issue, follow the steps below:

  • Press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to open File Explorer. Then open C:\ Drive > Riot Games > Riot Client.
  • Navigate to RiotClientServices. Right-click it and select Troubleshoot compatibility. Then it’ll start detecting issues.
  • Click Troubleshoot program.
  • Click Next.

What to do?

If you run into error code 46, that means the entire VALORANT client is experiencing downtime of some kind. This error should only pop up if the downtime is planned by Riot and allotted to allow engineers to work on the game’s systems. 

  • Check if the servers are really inaccessible or if the error comes from you
  • If the servers are under maintenance → just wait
  • If the error comes from you → restart the launcher and if necessary restart your computer

It does not work?

  • Contact support
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