Fix YouTube Vanced is not Working / Loading /Crashing on Android


Your YouTube vanced is not Working ? YouTube Vanced is the modified version of the official YouTube Android Application which is made for getting an Ad-Free experience while watching the videos. Here is one of the official sites for downloading Youtube Vanced APK and we will guide you on how you can install it on your Android device perfectly.

Formerly it is a well-known rooted android app called iYTBP – injected YouTube Background Play. It was developed by Master T from the XDA-Developer forum.

Now, he stopped the development and handed it over to some of the enthusiasts around him. The Team behind the vanced edition is continuing the project with better and stable updates.

Even, they are adding many features to it to make it user-friendly. People love this YouTube Vanced edition because it was having Dark and Black theming. Now, Google introduced the Official YouTube APP which is actually available in the play store.

How to Fix YouTube Vanced is not Working on your Android?

Here are all the Solutions to Fix YouTube Vanced App Not Working, Loading, Crash, and other Errors for Android.

YouTube Vanced Force Closes or Crashes

YouTube Vanced cannot alone work, the app needs a small substitute application called microG. microG is a small application that acts as a google service framework clone. It helps YouTube vanced to function normally and also allows you to log in with Google Account on YouTube Vanced.

If you have downloaded YT vanced and not installed microG then there is a greater chance that the app will crash with the error message “YouTube Vanced Keeps Stopping“.

YouTube Vanced Keeps Stopping

Install the Correct Way

To fix the issue you need to install both apps correctly. First Download microG and YouTube Vanced on your Android phone. If you haven’t then downloaded links are right below;

  • Download microG
  • Download YouTube Vanced

Here are the steps you can take to Fix the Crashing of YouTube Vanced

  1. Uninstall both YT Vanced and MicroG App if already installed
  2. Now First Install MicroG App.
  3. Once the MicroG App is installed then install YouTube Vanced.
  4. Clear all the running tabs and open the YouTube Vanced, the issue will be fixed.

Install Right microG and YT Vanced Combination

If you using an older version of microG App or Vanced then they both may not be compatible with each other. This will crash the app as kt may not detect the correct version of the microG application. So, it is better to download the correct and latest version of YT Vanced and microG app for Android phones.

YouTube vanced is not Working

You can use Vanced Manager App to Download the correct version of the apps. Vanced Manager is a YouTube Vanced Download Manager app that offers MicroG and YouTube Vanced App that you can directly download and install, the manager will take of installation and file download you do not need to worry about “App Not Installed” Error for YouTube Vanced.

Download App

User Blocked the Installation

This is the most common error for Xiaomi Smartphones running on MIUI. When you try to install the app a pop-up error will appear with a message.

You can fix the issue by turning off the MIUI optimization.

  • Open Settings on Android
  • Click on Additional Setting
  • Now look for Developers Option
  • Here scroll down to MIUI Optimization and Turn it OFF

Cannot Connect to the Internet

To fix this issue;

  • Go to Android settings
  • Manage Account
  • Vanced account
  • Remove an account,
  • Then go to vanced youtube and sign in.

It will solve your problem. Thanks

Problem Communicating with Google Servers

This generally happens if you are using an older version of microG. Just download and install the latest version of the micro OG app to fix this error.

YouTube Vanced App Not Working

If the App is Not Working or Loading then I recommend a few solutions to fix the Vanced error on Android.

  • Restart Mobile
  • Clear Data and Cache of YT Vanced
  • Add a Google Account on Vanced App

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