Gangpire for PC – Use for free on Windows 10,11 and Mac


Download the Gangpire app on your PC. Roll through a huge gangster paradise in the most pimped-out wheels and packing the biggest guns to conquer an open world full of racing, robbing, zombies, aliens & more.

The city has been long controlled by the Skeletons, a notorious criminal syndicate whose tentacles wrapped around every corner of this dog-eat-dog world. They squeeze every penny out of your pocket, for every drop of water you taste, every breath of fresh air you take.

Gangpire for Windows

What is the Gangpire PC app?

Gangpire for PC is, in most ways, identical to Grand Theft Auto, from the way the missions are given to the dialog while driving to the types of missions available.

As Jason Malone, a boxer who gets paid to take a dive by mobster Frank Valieno, you agree to throw the match, but during one round, you manage to get a hit in and you knock the other guy out cold. You win the fight, and while you didn’t mean to, you’re now on Frank’s hit list. During this interactive prologue, you’re introduced to the hand-to-hand fighting controls.

Gangpire for Windows app tutorial introduces you to the main aspects of the game while documenting your escape from Frank. Everything is pretty straightforward. You’re able to steer your vehicle by tilting, but I found I was tilting my iPad like a wild man and still couldn’t get around corners that easily. I fiddled with the sensitivity, but eventually just swapped to the virtual button steering option. You’re able to change the control type for each different vehicle, should you be so inclined.



This great open city is filled with gangs, thieves, and cops. Tall skyscrapers and luxurious living attract criminals. Take part in gang wars. Steal cars and fight cops. Conquer neighborhoods and become the head of the mafia! Explore every inch of this grand open city, where every vice has a price.


This gangster world-of-crime game is full-action missions, street fights with gangs and police anytime and anywhere, car thefts, and crazy city driving around the grand open world! Join the action and claim your turf! Defend it from rival crime gangs and raid others. Start getting resources that will be useful to you for the future criminal war.

Gangpire for Mac


You have all the tools to become a real gangster. Use hundreds of grand guns and vehicles. Pick up your personal arsenal of weapons and create a stylish gangster. Earn respect on the criminal streets. Use deadly guns, flamethrowers, grenades, and much more. Defeat gangsters and police. Conquer enemy gang areas and create your own great gang. Arm yourself and hold your territory.


It is a perfect crime game for fans of third-person shooters, tank and car driving, mafias, and gangs. Choose a car of your liking and complete many spectacular missions. Steal and create your own car park. Organize car races and escape from the chase. The cops and gangsters will chase you, but you can win. Use the tank to have fun and defeat the police.


Try on different outfits and create your own crime style. There is a large clothing store available for your character. Some pieces of clothing unlock additional superpowers. These abilities will help you complete missions, steal and defeat gangsters. Clashes with the police will get more exciting.

App Details

NameGangpire: Fire & Fury
DeveloperJoystix Limited
Price Free
Size322 Mb
Gangpire PC download

How to Install the Gangpire app on Windows and Mac

  1. Download and install BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later.
  3. Look for Gangpire in the search bar at the top right corner.
  4. Click to install the app from the search results.
  5. Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install the app on your PC.
  6. Click the Gangpire icon on the home screen to start playing.

You can also use the Gangpire app on your smartphone as well.

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