Golf King for PC – How to Play Free on Windows 10, Mac


Download the Golf King app on your PC. A new Golf game featuring real-time 1v1 matches, realistic courses of stunning graphics, customizable characters, intuitive shot control and even more fun.

Golf King for Mac

What is the Golf King PC app?

Golf King for PC is laid out like most sports games these days. Users play games and complete challenges along the way. Those challenges reward card packs. Inside that card, packs are generally either in-game currency or a specific golf club card. Collect enough of one single golf club and that golf club levels up.

For example, players may start with a base driver in their set. Collect four base driver cards by playing the game and that club will level up, increasing its power, accuracy, and other characteristics. It’s not a groundbreaking feature by any means, but it’s perfectly executed. I found myself grinding more and more knowing some of my clubs were just one card away from becoming more and more powerful.

Those controls are based around a slingshot style concept. You’ll choose where on the course you’d like to hit the ball and then pull back to choose your power. Once you’ve done that you’ll want to release when the on-screen arrow moves into the center to give yourself the most accurate shot possible. It sounds easy enough to pick up fairly quickly but will reward players with better timing.

When you’re not teeing off online you’ll be opening packs to find new golf clubs as well as upgrading your existing ones. There seem to be all the different variants of clubs on offer too as this isn’t pitched and putt. You’ll have drivers, woods, long irons, wedges, rough irons, sand wedges, and putters to discover and then use in the right situations when playing online.

Golf King app on Windows

Key Features

  • PVP Golf Duels where you compete against star golfers from every corner of the world
  • Easy and Simple control scheme with swipe and release functions for hitting the ball
  • Variety of realistic 3D courses
  • Trophies and top stages
  • Rewards, packs, and other goodies for upgrading golf clubs or getting new ones
  • An in-depth gear outlook, including drivers, woods, long irons, short irons, wedges, putters, and sand wedges
  • Customizable character cosmetics, including clubhouse and caddie
  • Weekly Leagues with promo rewards and card bonuses
  • Ranked multiplayer league
  • Coin rush special reward mode
  • Gift send and request feature

App details

Name Golf King World tour
DeveloperRising Wings
Category Sports
Size125 MB
Android Version5.0 and up

Final Thoughts on Golf King for Windows

At the very least, this title can teach you a lot about golf rules and golf in general, as it is incepted as a quite faithful simulation of the sport. Besides playing golf, which includes an in-depth approach to the physics of the game, it also includes other interesting features, like choosing equipment, golf club types, and all sorts of details.

Golf King app PC download

How to Install the Golf King app on Windows and Mac

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your PC
  • Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later
  • Look for Golf King – World Tour in the search bar at the top right corner
  • Click to install Golf King – World Tour from the search results
  • Complete Google sign-in if you skipped the second step to install Golf King – World Tour
  • Click the game icon on the home screen to start playing

You can Play the Golf King game on your smartphone as well.


How do I get more clubs in my golf king PC app?

You can upgrade your golf clubs by selecting the golf bag icon from the main menu screen. From here you will also be able to see how many cards are needed to upgrade each club. Clubs Cards can be found in any card packs and can also be purchased from the Golf King store

How do you play golf king on PC?

  • Choose To Play Safe First.
  • Use Rythmic Counting To Get The Timing Right.
  • Don’t Use Too Much Power.
  • Enhance Your Clubs As Soon As You Can.
  • Complete Quests For Extra Rewards.
  • Watch Ads For More Coins And An Epic Pack.

How do you play with friends on golf king?

Adding friends allows you to play together with them across all king games. You can add or invite a friend by clicking on the friends’ icon in the sidebar and then entering their email address in the “Add by email” input field.

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