How to Download Latest BlueStacks on Windows 10


Want to download the latest BlueStacks emulator on your Windows 10 PC, you have come to the right place, Download the latest version of the BlueStacks from here. Follow the steps discussed below

Do you know that 96% of Android apps are compatible with BlueStacks? It is like having your Playstore on your PC or laptop.

What is the BlueStacks emulator

Bluestacks emulator software allows you to run phone applications on Windows and Mac computers. BlueStacks was launched in 2011. BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator. It has the most users today.

With this software, you can use any kind of Android applications on your PC or laptops. Tons of users use BlueStacks to play popular games like PUBG Mobile, ROS, and Candy Crush. Users also use this for messaging apps such as Messenger, Snapchat, and others. No wonder BlueStacks is the best Android emulator.

Download the Latest BlueStacks on Windows 10

Why the BlueStacks Emulator on Windows 10

On January 17, 2019, BlueStacks released a 64-bit version of BlueStacks 4 via its early access program. This version runs on a 64-bit version of Android 7.1.2 which allows for improved performance, and more efficient memory usage.

The prerequisites for running this build include running a 64-bit version of Windows 8 or later, with virtualization enabled, and Hyper-V disabled. This 64-bit release allows the installation and usage of ARM64-v8a android applications.

BlueStacks App Player is a Virtual Android emulator that helps you to Play Android games, run Android Apps on Windows PC and macOS. Bluestacks PC version emulator is one of the fastest and most used emulators. Bluestacks Download is free for Windows 10 PCs. But, Installing Bluestacks App Player is a bit tricky. Every day thousands are users are complaining about the installation process. Before, getting Bluestacks on your Computer take few seconds to watch the below video that shows you how to download and install Bluestacks on Windows PC.

BlueStacks has built-in Android Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Clash of Clans and others which can be accessed directly from the Apps section. This Apps section is the place where you can find installed Apps on Windows 10. It also allows you to access and operate these apps using your mouse and keyboard devices.

Performance– BlueStacks for Windows 10

People might give in to the idea that BlueStacks is going to slow down your PC. It was true when I first started using this in 2013. it was laggy software. it crashed even before it started. But now the situation is different.

So, how will BlueStacks affect the performance of your computer? If you’re using a computer with medium specs, the software might cause a crash. It might also consume a sizeable amount of your PC system resources. This is because it has a high CPU and RAM usage. Naturally, it’ll slow down your computer performance. However, this is normal as Android and desktop/laptop operating systems have different structures.

For Gamers

The software has been improved greatly to help the gamers get an amazing experience. All the battle royale games and other FPS and strategy games can now be easily played. The emulator gives your control over the games like never before.

Advanced game controls

  • New simplified UI for key mapping features. 
  • Custom controls scheme has been added facilitating the user to save custom key mapping profiles.
  • Script is a powerful editor inside Game Controls that allows gamers to execute various functions such as touch, mouse click and mouse wheel movement on tap of one key in games such as PubG Mobile, Mobile Legends and Lineage Revolution Mobile.

Smart controls added for more games

The list of games with in-built smart controls on BlueStacks is constantly growing. Play your favorite games like PUBG: MobileFree FireCOD: MobileStandoff 2 and many more with carefully designed predefined controls for intuitive gameplay and fast-paced action.

If your PC has the touch-enabled feature, then you can even access apps from BlueStacks through touch. It supports all your input devices. BlueStacks is very easy to use, and it is user-friendly such that, it does not need any user guide to make use of it.

Minimum system requirements

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  • Processor:  Intel or AMD Processor
  • HDD: 5GB free disk space
  • RAM: Your PC must have at least 2GB of RAM. (Note that having 2GB or more disk space is not a substitute for RAM.)
  • Up-to-date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor

Recommended system requirements

BlueStacks 4 will work with the minimum systems requirements. However, for a superior gaming experience, these are the recommended system requirements:

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10
  • RAM: 8GB or higher
  • HDD: SSD (or Fusion/Hybrid Drives) 
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Multi-Core Processor with Single Thread
  • Graphics: Intel/Nvidia/ATI, Onboard or Discrete controller with
  • Up-to-date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.

How to Install BlueStacks on Windows 10

Before you can install Android apps on your Windows 10 computer, you’ll need to install the BlueStacks app.

  1. Open a browser and go to this LINK
Download the Latest BlueStacks for Windows 10
  1. Save, then run the downloaded file. The download and install process may take some time, especially if you have a slow internet connection or a slow computer.
  2. BlueStacks should automatically start after it installs. This may take some time, depending on the connection and your computer.
Latest BlueStacks on Windows 10
  1. Once started, BlueStacks gives you the opportunity to sign in to your Google Play account. You’ll need to go through the Google Play sign-in process to access, install, and use Android apps from the Play Store.
  2. Install option for Google Play: “Sign in” or “I’ll do it later. After you complete the Google Play sign in, you’re set to install Android apps.

It is straightforward to download BlueStacks for free, and it is also genuine. After downloading and installing the BlueStacks in your Laptop/PC, you can search and install any free Android app for PC within seconds. Bluestacks can’t be copied to any other PC. Now, you can go ahead with installing Android apps directly on your PC.


Does BlueStacks ruin your computer?

When downloaded from official sources, such as our website, BlueStacks does not have any sort of malware or malicious programs. However, we CANNOT guarantee the safety of our emulator when you download it from any other source.

Is using BlueStacks illegal?

BlueStacks is legal as it is only emulating in a program and runs an operating system that is not illegal itself. However, if your emulator were trying to emulate the hardware of a physical device, for example, an iPhone, then it would be illegal.

Are there any other emulator besides BlueStacks for Windows 10

YES, now there are quite a few emulators available to use. We recommend the BlueStacks as it is one of the pioneers in the market and is the best to use.

Is BlueStacks free or paid?

The software’s basic features are free to download and use. Advanced optional features require a paid monthly subscription. The company claims the App Player can run 1.5 million Android apps

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