How to Download YouTube Stories on your device


There is a YouTube Stories video that you liked and you want to download and save it on your device. Do not worry about it we have got you covered.

An update from YouTube in early 2021 has brought about some new changes in its homepage along with some new features as well. On the mobile App of YouTube, there is a new section in a place called Short Stories. These are videos with a duration of up to a minute at the max and are basically based on your interests and preferences as picked by the YouTube algorithm.

YouTube Stories How to download on smartphone

What is YouTube Stories

Despite the success of Instagram Stories, YouTube doesn’t appear intent on making its own carbon copy. There are marked differences between the two.

First, not everyone can create YouTube Stories, as the feature is only available to creators that already have a substantial audience.

Second, the videos last for seven days rather than 24 hours, and there is also the option of creating multiple Stories, each with its own set of videos, to be live at one time. This is distinct from sites like Instagram and Snapchat, where all photos and videos are pulled into one, centralized Story.

In terms of discovery, Stories will appear in the ‘Up Next’ list for non-subscribers and in the ‘Subscriptions’ tab for subscribers. There are elements that are undeniably similar to Instagram and Snapchat, such as the ability to add music, filters, and stickers to videos.

Additionally, viewers can comment on Stories as well as ‘heart’, ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ other comments.

Types of YouTube Shorts

There are two types of YouTube Short Videos; accordingly, you need to look for different methods to grab the videos.

  • Short Stories – These are the videos uploaded by YouTube Developers to Promote an upcoming video or share any info.
  • Short Videos – These are short videos taken from YouTube Channels and are generally funny or informative, they are suggested according to the YT algorithms.

Step By Step Guide to Download YouTube Stories

If you are looking for a way to download YouTube Short Videos you can check them here.

Now let’s get to how you can download YouTube Stories on your Device.

  • Firstly there are no links to YouTube Stories so there is no way you can use a URL to download the Story on your Device.
  • So If you are using a Smartphone you can easily use the built-in screen recorder if you have one, or you can try and use a Screen Recording app.
  • If you are a Windows or Mac user it is recommended that you are using a screen recorder to record the YouTube Stories Video.

So until and unless there is an App or software to download the Videos you will have to record them suing a screen recorder.

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