How to Fix Error 2 on Pokémon GO – Network Error


If you are a Pokémon GO player, you are likely to have encountered Error 2 when playing the game. For most players, Pokémon GO error 2 occurs when they are trying to interact with Gyms.

It is an issue that affects millions of players around the globe. When it happens, a message will display on your screen as “Network Error (2).”

When you interact with Gyms, the game brings a loading circle on your screen, and then it displays the network error message. The app will freeze and force you to restart. That means you cannot access Gyms you have recently raided or even check the status of your raids. For most players, error 2 in gym battle can be inconvenient for them.

Pokemon Go Network Error 2: How to Fix It

Error 2 in Pokemon GO is an error that can occur when encountering Gyms. When the game begins to load, the Gym and the circle appear on the screen, but nothing else happens. To fix this, first, try turning off optimized battery power. Pokemon Go makes tons of network requests, and players have reported this can work. If you still have the error, try force closing the app.

This fix is the most obvious one and is always the one that will come to players’ minds instantly, and resetting the software is always good to try. The final attempt you can make to fix the error is to check your device network. Since Error 2 is a device network issue, you can look into if there is something wrong with your ISP.

Turn off Battery Optimization

Pokémon GO is an application that makes bunches of network demands. That can deplete the battery on the grounds that the application will turn on Wi-Fi or versatile radios, which will in general utilize more force. Past the best force important for sending and getting parcels, the radios consume more force when they turn on and stay alert.

In this way, when playing Pokémon GO and you attack the Gyms, the application will make a basic network demand that can keep the gadget’s versatile radio on and go through bunches of battery power. In the event that you advance battery power, those solicitations may not go through in light of the fact that the gadget is saving battery power.

In any case, since that force is important to finish a network demand, this will cause an error. The arrangement is to overlook battery streamlining when playing Pokémon GO. To do this:

  • Go to Settings on Android
  • Select Power Saving Management
  • Tap Usage of Electric Quantity
  • Select the three dabs on the upper right corner of your screen
  • Tap Battery Optimization
  • Select Not Optimized from the dropdown menu
  • Find and tap on Pokémon GO
  • Select Don’t Optimize

At the point when you don’t optimize the battery for Pokémon GO, it will permit the application to synchronize and get to the network and Wi-Fi to keep examining. On the off chance that this didn’t take care of the issue, continue to the following arrangement.

Force-close the app

Force-closing the app is necessary if it freezes all the time. But it has a different step when playing Pokémon GO.

Check your device network

You should check your device network to ensure there are no glitches on your end. First, enable Data Services on your phone and try again. Second, call your ISP to determine whether they have a problem on their end.  This should help you to know the right fix for the network problem.

Network error 2 on Pokémon GO occurs during your interaction with the Gym. You can correct the error by checking your network settings and ignoring battery optimization for the app. However, network errors can also occur on the developer’s side. That means you should wait until Niantic corrects the problem.

Don’t use Public Wifi

A common problem can be that your phone automatically connects to a public WiFi that either has restricted access or requires some sort of sign-in to get full Internet access. Your phone might also have trouble switching back to the cellular data when you move out of WiFi range.

Turn off your phone’s WiFi especially when you are out of your home so that your device doesn’t automatically switch networks. Restart the app to see if you still encounter the Pokémon GO network error 2 in the game.

Close the Game

Some people have issues where their GPS signal drifts from the actual location, either due to glitches or intentionally. You might have noticed a similar behavior while playing the game where your avatar moves randomly for a moment without you moving at all.

While this may help in getting more rewards (counting extra steps, hatching eggs, etc.), this is counter-productive when battling in a gym. A possible solution is to close the game for a few minutes and relaunch when the GPS signal seems to settle down.

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