Pokemon GO Error 12: Failed to Detect Location [Fixed Completely 2022]


Well! In this article, we will clear every question murmuring in your mind and will know how to fix the Pokemon Go Error 12 of “failed to detect location” in Pokemon Go.

What is Pokemon Go Error 12: Failed to Detect Location?

Pokemon Go is a very popular mobile game based on Augmented Reality (AR) structured by Niantic to fulfill the needs of smartphone gaming enthusiasts. It uses the device’s GPS and provides a virtual environment to the gamer in which the gamer can simulate his character to locate, capture, train, and battle with virtual creatures.

This game has mapped the future of VR gaming by providing a real-world environment to the gamer. Since the release of this game, gamers have encountered numerous glitches in the game and the most common one reported lately is: “pokemon go error 12: Failed to detect location”

Pokemon GO Error 12 fix

What Causes the Error 12 while you play Pokemon Go

Now, in case you are unaware, the ‘mock locations’ feature is being widely used by Pokemon GO users to spoof their location using GPS spoofing apps like Fly GPS, Fake GPS GO, and other similar location hacking apps. These spoofing apps allow them to take their Pokemon GO character to any part of the world and catch Pokemon from the comfort of their home.

So, if you’re facing this error message, then this might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The most common reason for this error message is the enabled mock location option in the smartphone settings.
  • Another popular reason for this error message is the inability of the device to receive proper GPS signals because you’re somewhere under the house/building.
  • If you have enabled Find My Device (on Android) or Find My iPhone (on iOS smartphone), you will also face this error message. Because when you enable the aforementioned options, you apply restrictions on the Pokémon GO to use GPS location.
  • In rare cases, if you’re using an outdated version of Pokémon GO, then this might cause this error message.
  • Sometimes, users also face the GPS joystick failed to detect location error messages upon using an unreliable GPS spoofer.
  • Error 12 means Niantic is detecting that you’re using Mock Locations. You need to have a security patch from before March 2017 OR have successfully implemented the Smali Patcher work around to avoid this error.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Error 12

Reboot Pokemon Go

If enabling the location services doesn’t fix the problem, the next step would be to reboot Pokemon Go. Simply bring up the app drawer and close Pokemon Go. Then, wait for a while and relaunch the app. You might have to repeat the process multiple times until Pokemon Go perfectly detects the location.

Clear the Cache and Data of game

Caches are the scripts of files that are stored on your device when you open a certain application whereas Data is used to load the previous information about the app when it is launched. If in any case, the data stored in Cache gets corrupted, the app will not perform properly. So, as a remedy, clear the Cache and Data of the app to resolve this issue.

Uninstall Maps Updates

As Pokemon Go uses Maps to simulate the game in real-time, you will encounter Error 12 if the Maps are enabled in the background while you are spoofing. So the simplest way to resolve this issue is to navigate to settings and uninstall Maps Updates. Follow these steps below to carry this task out:

Install an Older Version of Google Play Services

Google Play Services is the fundamental component in an Android device that enhances user’s experience by automatically synchronizing higher quality, lower-powered location-based services. If Error 12 pops up on your screen, Uninstall Google Play Services and install an older version of it because the latest version makes it difficult to spoof in Pokemon Go.

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