How to fix PS5 error code NW-102315-2


There are many error codes that might be happening because of the PSN network failure and the NW-102315-2 is one such error code that we are going to fix in this article. Let us start then.

Within our PS5 we know that we can connect with our PSN account to be able to access the PlayStation Store services or online game modes that we also have on the console. We know that despite having a good Internet connection connected, in the end, the information travels thousands of km and it is possible that it fails at some point due to different issues.

That is why it is possible that we find the PS5 error NW-102315-2 of Cannot connect to the server causing us to be unable to access online services within our PS5. For this reason, we are going to see different options both to see the connection status of PS5 and to solve it.

PS5 error code NW-102315-2, how to fix

How to Fix  PS5 Error   Code NW-102315-2, PS5 Error Code NW-102315-2, PS5 NW-102315-2, NW-102315-2  . This PS5 network error is again another incarnation of the “communication error” and therefore takes the same steps to fix a number of previous issues described by  Sony.

Check if you have internet issues

It is possible that the problem is actually with your internet and not with the PSN. Try using alternative ports by contacting your ISPs. You can also use a static IP address to see if this is causing the problem. Do update the firmware on your router and please make sure that your ethernet cable is working and the Wi-Fi router is near the console.

Use a Valid PSN account

Another reason why this problem is so common is that people forget to sign into their PSN accounts and this can cause the problem. Make sure you have a Valid PSN account and the account is not blocked by Sony. Blocked Accounts cannot access the PlayStation Network.

Switch between different internet connection types

This is another way to fix the issue relating to the internet. If your Wi-Fi is not working, use the ethernet cable and vice versa. Also, contact your friends to see if they are having the same problem or not.

Some other Solutions for you

  • Go to the PSN status page to see if there are any issues described by Sony
  • Restart the PS5 and use a wired connection to access the Internet, then configure your settings again
  • If using a wireless connection, review the installation location and move the PS5 closer to the router if possible. You can also try to move any obstacles that might break the connection.
  • Turn off the router/modem, wait five minutes and turn it back on.
  • Update your router’s firmware, if applicable.
  • Try to open the following ports – TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3480 and UDP: 3478, 34709 and 49152 ~ 65535
  • Access network settings and configure a static IP address to help improve it
  • Go to DNS settings under Network Settings and configure your settings with the public DNS number which is free and open to the public by companies or organizations.
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