Benefits of BlueStacks X – How to Play Mobile Games on the Cloud with BlueStacks X


Want to Play Mobile Games on the Cloud with BlueStacks X? BlueStacks X is the newest offering for mobile gamers who enjoy their favorite Android titles on PC, this time focusing on providing cloud gaming capabilities that bring a variety of benefits to the gaming experience. Some of these advantages include access to a wide variety of 200+ games that can be accessed on any device, and on any OS, with a single click.

And since gamers are playing on the cloud, the rendering and processing are handled on our end so that anyone can enjoy the best performance and graphics regardless of the specifications of their computers or mobile devices, as long as they have a stable internet connection.

There are many positive aspects of gaming on the cloud, and you can find out more about what BlueStacks X has to offer in our dedicated article. However, this time around, we want to focus on one particular aspect of the gaming experience.

Specifically, we want to talk about how playing on BlueStacks X through the cloud differs from gaming locally on your PC or phone, when it comes to criteria like the time it takes to get into a game, the download file sizes, storage space required to run games, CPU/RAM usage, and more

How to Play Mobile Games on the Cloud with BlueStacks X

However, an important part of providing the best products and services for mobile gaming on PC is keeping an eye on the future at all times. This means that, while we always try to give the best experience at any given moment, we’re also thinking about how we can improve our platform to make it even better. And today, this forward-thinking has led us to work on our new and latest project, which consists of the gaming we all know and love, but on the cloud. We’ve dubbed this new leg of our development, BlueStacks X.

Accessing Games on the Cloud

In order to play on BlueStacks X, you simply need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to its website and click on “Play on Cloud”.
  • In the catalog, search for the game you want to play using the search function on the top left, or simply scroll through our selection until one catches your eye.
  • Once you find the game via search, click on “Play on Cloud” in the search results, after which you’ll get instant access. Alternatively, if you’re browsing the catalog, simply click on the game’s portrait to launch it and start playing.
How to Play Mobile Games on the Cloud with BlueStacks X

And that’s it. Playing on BlueStacks X is as simple as clicking on a few buttons, after which you’ll be playing on the cloud on any device.

How is Cloud Gaming Beneficial for you?

Time It Takes to Get Into a Game

One of the most important parts of a gaming platform is that you’re actually able to access your games. However, depending on the platform in question, the time it takes to access the said games can vary.

PC Gaming: 20-30 minutes, depending on internet speed.

Cloud Gaming: One-click instant play.

This is because not only some games are heavier and more complex than others, but the specifications of the device or PC can also vary, which in turn will affect loading times. Nevertheless, while your loading times often depend on the title and device specs, you still always have to download the game itself, which is mostly dependent on your connection speed.

Download File Size

Aside from being able to run the games themselves, another factor that can significantly contribute to your decision to game on both PC and on mobile devices is the size of the initial download required to get access to the game. After all, if you’re on the fence on whether or not you want to play a game, you may be dissuaded entirely if you find that you first need to download several gigabytes of data before you’re able to play.

PC Gaming: 2-3 GB for most games.

Cloud Gaming: No download required.

For most mobile games, the initial download could be something like 2 to 3 gigabytes, which can take some time to complete depending on your internet connection. However, on BlueStacks X, all the files are hosted on our servers, which means that there are no downloads required to actually play games on our cloud gaming platform.


Of course, while the process and time it takes to download and load the games can vary wildly depending on your hardware and connection speed, the resources required to actually run the games themselves will also vary according to various aspects.

Frame Rate and Performance

PC Gaming: Up to 60 FPS.

Cloud Gaming: Stable 60 FPS.

The idea of upgrading your PC hardware, or purchasing a better phone, for many gamers, is to get a much better experience with their games. In this sense, if playing locally, gamers will need to build their PCs and consider many variables in order to reach the coveted 60 FPS performance standard. And even then, whenever a new and more demanding game comes out, their current hardware might not be powerful enough, and they would have to settle with a sub-par experience.

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