How to Install the Google Play Store on Windows 11


I’m going to show you how to install the Google Play Store on Windows 11. You can get the Play store on Windows 11 using the windows subsystem for Android. This article will take you through the complete step-by-step guide to d so.

For this, we have to give a shout-out to Alice’s post from GitHub he created a repository with all the needed packages and all the needed changes already done to the windows subsystem for android files in order for you to only install the windows subsystem for android with the google play store integrated

So let me show you how to do this it’s gonna be a very very easy process, first of all, you’re gonna need to have a GitHub account so after you have a GitHub account it is really easy to create a login into your account.

  • Follow this LINK to access the GitHub website.
  • From here click on the Signup or Sign In options. If you already have an Account then sign in.
  • Signing up is quite easy all you will need is an email account. Complete the steps to set up your account.

Now that you have access to the Website we can now move toward the next steps below.

How to Install the Google PlayStore on Windows 11

Install the Google Play Store on Windows 11

How to Download the Repository from the GitHub

  • Go into this link to this repository that you’re going to have in the article.
  • Then click on fork all you have to do is click on the fork option and basically, this GitHub repository will be created in your account you’ll basically have a copy of this repository on your account.
How to Download the Repository from the GitHub
  • Now after you’ve done this go into the actions tab go on the left side and click on Magisk.
  • Then click on the run workflow as the branch and leave it as the main.
  • Also, make sure to select the variant of google apps, for example, I’ve tested the pico variant you can test any other variant that you want.
  • After you write here the variant of g apps that you want click on the run workflow.
  • This process should take up to three-five minutes something like that.

After the process is finished you should see this green check mark it took 4 minutes and 55 seconds click on magisk then scroll down to this artifacts section and then download the x64 or the arm 64 depending on your windows version I’m gonna download the x64 as you can see it has 1.8 gigabytes wait for this have to be downloaded.

Now as your file is being downloaded and you wait for the completion. We will look at the requirements you will have to meet to get the repository working on your Windows 11 PC.

How to set Windows region to the US

You will first need to set your region to the United States. Click on the Search Box and type Settings. In the Settings app search for region and click on Region settings. Make sure that on Country or region, the United States is selected.

Enable Developer mode in Windows 11

For installing the Google Play Store on Windows 11, you have to enable developer mode in Windows 11 by following the steps below:

  • Search Developer mode by pressing Windows Key
  • Click Developer Settings and switch on Developer Mode and click Yes to confirm

Enable Virtual Machine Platform in Windows 11

The second thing before we install Google Play Store on Windows 11 is that we must enable Virtual Machine Platform using these steps:

  • Search Windows features.
  • Select Turn Windows features on or off.
  • Tick Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Hypervisor Platform.

Now let us complete the Installation of the Magisk

We’re gonna continue with the process now the archive is downloaded let’s go into the location where it was downloaded, You can just gonna drag and drop it to your desktop and then right-click show more options to extract.

  • Let’s go into this folder and here we have all the packages needed and all the modifications already done in order for us to install the windows system for android with the google play store included
  • So now all you have to do is to right-click on this install file which is a power shell script right click on it and then click on run with power shell wait for a few seconds it’s gonna deploy some packages
  • Let’s open the windows subsystem for android you should have it if everything went well

Open the windows subsystem for android enable the developer mode click on manage developer settings uncheck share my diagnostic data and then click on continue with the windows firewall click on allow access after the windows subsystem for android opened up you can close it out and of course, if you enable the IP address.

Open up the play store because we already have it installed as I’ve said it came with the windows subsystem for android we can open it up by typing in the Windows search for PlayStore and it should show up.

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Open the app and it’s going to update some google apps. We can already sign into it we no longer have to do any other changes or modifications click on sign in and you will be able to sign in to our account as you can see now we have the play store up and running we can install any app that we want.

Note: This is not an official repository of the Google Play Store to be used on Windows 11, and we are not in any way related to its developer. As it is not an official way to install the Play Store on Windows 11 the links might not work in the future.

Final Thoughts

But if you are not satisfied with the native Windows 11 Store then you can always try this method. This is quite an easy method and it surely works but it also has its limitations. For example, the PlayStore installed on your Windows 11 would not be able to run all the apps.

So that will be it for the method to install the Google PlayStore on Windows 11, but do remember that it is no way an official method or an alternate to the Windows native app store.

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