Is Black Desert Cross Platform? [PC, Xbox, PS5]


In 2022, will it be Black Desert cross platform for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5? MMOs have now become one of the most popular gaming genres. Although there are hundreds of options available today, only a few stand out, Black Desert Online. This game has been around for a while, but it is still as popular as it was when it first came out in 2015.

Cross-platform gaming allows you to play video games online with people who are using different platforms. For example, PlayStation 4 gamers could play alongside gamers with PCs.

Cross-platform gaming does not work very well for social media or some mobile games because of the large download sizes on consoles relative to the computing power limits of mobile devices.

For example, if a game is cross-platform compatible, Xbox One players may engage with PS4 players. At the same time, PC gamers can participate as well.

Black Desert Cross Platform

Is Black Desert Cross Platform Available in 2022?

Yes, Black Desert is cross platform compatible in 2022, but only to a limited extent. This means that players on certain gaming platforms will be able to play Black Desert with one another. Only among consoles is Black Desert cross-platform. As a result, players on the PS4, PS5, and Xbox One can interact while playing this game.

The creators of Black Desert do not want to split their game base at the moment, which is why they have avoided fully implementing cross-platform in the game.

What is a Black Dessert Game?

Black Desert is a sandbox MMORPG with an open-world setting. According to the developers, the goal of Black Desert’s gameplay is to provide a true sandbox experience in which players are free to roam wherever they want.

Level requirements or time constraints should not limit players. The developers emphasized the need for the player character to retain its full capabilities from levels 1 through 50 in order to provide a high degree of freedom.

The player vs environment (PvE) content in Black Desert offers dynamic and organic world events that can be played solo or in an instanced environment with other players.

The game uses a non-targeting system with active blocking and dodging mechanics that require skill and timing mastery. The PvP content in Black Desert focuses on one-on-one open-world combat as well as castle sieges that keep the rival nations of Calpheon and Valencia at war.

The developers have stated that they want to create an intense player vs. player (PvP) environment in which players will be unable to escape from other hostile combatants out in the wild.

Why are there fewer Cross Platform games?

However, the sentiments of the developers in regards to cross-platform are valid in this case because it is not always the right choice to make a game cross-platform. Due to the following reasons, developers avoid implementing cross-platform in games:

  • Sometimes players’ home platform does not have the capabilities to handle large amounts of data flowing through it.
  • One of the platforms might be running at a significantly lower frame rate compared to others.
  • The gameplay experiences are different on each platform which is what players look for when playing games online.
  • Making the game cross-platform might not be possible because of device specifications such as OS and minimum requirements.
  • Bringing so many players to a single server can lead to cheating and security threats to the gamers.
  • Different platforms have different gamepads, which might not be supported by the game.
  • A game needs to be made at a large scale for cross-platform implementation, and that is not possible with every game.

Is Black Desert Cross Platform PC And Mobile?

No, Black Desert is not a cross-platform game between PC and Mobile. This means that players cannot play with each other if they are on different gaming platforms. Only if both the players play using Mobile will they be able to play Black Desert together. The same goes for PC.

There are no plans to make the game completely cross-platform in 2022. Several factors go into determining whether or not it is possible to make a game cross-platform for developers, including the popularity of their studio and the availability of resources.

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