How to use KKMOON for PC free – Windows 10, Mac


Download the KKMOON app on PC. Have recently installed a security camera in your home/office and are looking to download the app on your PC. Just follow the steps discussed below to get the app on your Windows and Mac PCs.

KKMOON for Mac

What is the KKMOON PC app?

KKMOON for PC is one of the better and more popular DIY home security apps. Its biggest feature is support for multiple platforms. It has apps for Android, iOS, and Mac. The service comes in two separate apps. The camera app turns your device into a camera while the other app lets you, monitor.

Some of the features include time-lapse recording, multi-view for up to four cameras, remote monitoring, and even facial recognition. This is a great way to re-purpose old laptops or smartphones. It also has a series of hardware cameras if you want to go that route. The app itself is free.

Benefits of using the KKMOON for Windows app

  • Easy, powerful control of each device. Choose a color or mood of our Color bulbs, perfectly Dim a white bulb, track energy usage of a plug, all from the same app!
  • Group devices and control by room
  • Set smart scenes for automated actions
  • Schedule when devices turn on and off to allow more control and security
  • Choose which devices your friends, guests, roommates, or your family can control thanks to account sharing
  • Cloud-based services so you can log in and control your home from any phone and more.


  • Sharp image quality
  • Digital pan and tilt
  • Built-in Alexa functionality, HomeKit support
  • Works with Ecobee Haven


  • Doesn’t support IFTTT or Google Assistant
  • Requires subscription for recorded video and notifications
KKMOON on Windows

How to Install the KKMoon app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need an Android emulator on your PC, I will recommend the BlueStacks emulator.
  2. Complete the installation of the emulator by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. You will now need to find an APK file of the app from the internet. You can download it from your trusted source.
  4. Now, press the Ctrl + Shift + B keys or click on the Install apk button from the side toolbar, as shown below.
  5. This will open up a Windows Explorer pop-up, from where you can navigate to the apk file for the app you want to install on BlueStacks.

You can use the app on your smartphone as well, follow this LINK.


How do I set up my Kkmoon app with the camera?

  1. Turn on your VR camera.
  2. Check if your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi.
  3. On your Android phone, open the KKMOON app.
  4. If you haven’t already, connect your camera to the app.
  5. Tap More  Settings.
  6. Choose the camera you want to connect.
  7. Tap Connect to WiFi.
  8. Select your Wi-Fi network.
  9. Tap Continue. Your camera is now connected to Wi-Fi.

IS the KKMOON app safe to use?

The app is not a security risk to you. Your files are stored on the cloud storage and on the drive, if you opt to have one. The password to your data is with you and only you have access to it. So as far as the security is concerned you are safe.

How to login the app

While one still needs to provide a username and password to remotely access KKMOON for PC devices via this method, SEC Consult notes that the default password of the all-powerful administrative user (username “admin”) is blank and there is no password.

KKMOON app PC download

Final Thoughts

That is the method needed to install the app on your Windows and Mac PCs and even your Android smartphones if it is not available in your country. You might sometimes face login issues with the app, but overall it is a good app to go along with the KKMOON products.

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