How to make Youtube links open up in Youtube Vanced?


How do I make Youtube links open up in Youtube Vanced? I’ve got youtube vanced on my phone and I’m unable to figure out how to make youtube links open in vanced when I click on them. Is this the question you are asking yourself right now than we have got you covered? Let’s how you can make that possible.

Open YoutTube Links in Youtube Vnaced by following the method discussed below

Most Android phones won’t let you completely uninstall it unless you’re rooted, but you can disable it while uninstalling all its updates and user data. This way, it will take no space in the user partition, so it’s effectively uninstalled, but with a copy in /system as a backup.

I hated how every time I clicked on a YouTube link it would either take me to the stock YouTube app or open in Chrome.

How to make YouTube Vanced a default app?

As the title says, a lot of users have been asking how to make YouTube Vanced as default.

For rooted devices, you don’t need to worry because it is already set by default since YouTube Vanced gets replaced with Stock YouTube.

For non-root, solutions have been divided between as OneUl, MUM, and the rest.

OneUl users:

  • Tap and hold down on YouTube or YouTube Vanced app icon
  • Tap on App info.
  • Find “Set as default” and tap it
  • Tap “Open supported links” and select “Open in this app”

In older versions of OneUl, the name of the options in the 4th step might be slightly different. Tap “Go to supported URLs” and choose the “In this app” option. In the very older version of OneUl, go to Settings > Apps > [tap three dots at the right corner] > Default apps > Set as default. After the apps are loaded Find YouTube Vanced or YouTube and follow the 4th step.

Youtube links in vanced

MIUI users:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Manage apps
  • Then, tap the three dots at the right corner
  • Default apps
  • Opening links
  • Wait until all our as es sets are listed…
  • Find YouTube or YouTube Vanced and tap it.
  • Tap “Open supported links’ and select “Open”

AOSP & other custom Uls (00S, ColorOS, EMUI, etc.):

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Tap Default apps
  • Find YouTube or YouTube Vanced
  • Tap “Go to Supported URLs and choose the “Open in this app”

If you’re still struggling with this, you may need to search some “how-to” articles/videos on Google or you can install a 3rd party app from Play Store to save you from this hassle.

To open links with Vanced

  • Delete stock YouTube (If you need stock YouTube to go to step 1.5, otherwise skip to step 2)
  • Go to settings > Apps > YouTube (Stock) > set as Default > Toggle off open supported links
  • Go to settings > Apps > YouTube Vanced > set as default > supported web addresses > toggle on all addresses

If you click on a link in Chrome it will play in Chrome but all you need to do to get it to play in vanced is click the box with an arrow coming out of it underneath the video

How to make Youtube links open up in Youtube Vanced
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