Pirates Outlaws for PC – How to Play on Windows 10, Mac


Download the Pirates Outlaws app on your PC. Pirates Outlaws is an indie roguelike card game in which you navigate dangerous seas and challenge their masters. Your expedition will be full of ambushes and will not be easy.

Pirates Outlaws for Mac

What is the Pirates Outlaws PC app?

Pirates Outlaws for PC is a rogue-like deck-building card game for iOS, complete with a pirates theme, created by Fabled Game Studio. There isn’t much of an exposition to the context of the game since it is a pretty casual game, but there is a lot of variance and nuance in the game that I’d like to cover, and talk about some of the major downsides to this game that need to be addressed.

Pirates Outlaws for Windows is pretty much exactly the same thing as any other of these types of card games, like Hearthstone. And it feels, to me at least, extremely generic. All the cards are incredibly simplistic; even more simplistic than Pokemon, and I feel like that’s a low bar. Maybe the rarer cards that you unlock by progressing in the game have more unique effects, but it’s a relatively long and grindy game. At the time of my writing this review, I had 135 cards out of 366, and I’ve been playing it for about two weeks, just to give you a sense of progression.

Is it any Good?

Speaking of which, the progression of this game is fairly interesting. The main point of deck-building games is to accrue rare cards and destroy your opponent with them. In this game, there is an interesting “campaign” where you progress through islands, which is reminiscent of something like Faster Than Light.

These islands may either have enemies to fight and get new cards, randomized events that can cause a variety of things, taverns to heal up and get rid of unwanted cards, or markets to buy new cards and upgrade old ones. There are cards that do damage, apply debuffs/buffs, heal, and shield, along with “relic” cards which you can hold up to five of and have effects on your play.

In contrast to the progression, the actual gameplay—killing pirates, optimizing the card deck, and plotting a path to the boss—is solid. Each battle is a puzzle requiring strategy and a dash of luck to not only beat the opponents but beat them with enough health to continue on. While the initial stage can be difficult at times, the real challenge comes from the boss fight at the end.

While the fight changes each voyage, the opponent is always a hulking beast of a man sporting far more health, damage, and sometimes armor, than the player. Passing this battle requires careful thought for a skilled player and no small amount of luck for a poor deck.

Should players surmount this obstacle, they are presented with the choice of continuing their voyage—retaining their current action points, deck, relics, and character—or calling it quits and returning to port. Continuing offers the chance of even greater rewards, although the odds are certainly stacked against the player. Returning to port offers the safety of immediately banking gold and repute, which is no doubt a boon for the risk-averse.

Pirates Outlaws on Mac

How to Play

Eventually, you’ll hit a boss battle that will prove more difficult than an average battle, requiring all of your skills and deck knowledge to progress.

Beat the boss and you’ll head to the next area to explore. Overall, you’ll have to battle through three different areas to successfully complete a run, which provides the maximum rewards.

In terms of battle, it’s all pretty standard stuff. You’ll often face multiple opponents and can play cards that represent shields, bullet shots, punches, and sword swipes.

Most cards have an ‘ammo’ cost to play, which you can restore by playing an ammo card in your deck. Managing this is where the main source of skill comes into play, as you can play all cards in your hand each round. Your hand doesn’t grow in size over time.

Our biggest criticism of the battle system is the lack of animations. The developer has gone to such a big effort to provide lovely character art for your character and enemies, but they don’t actually do anything when they attack.

Characters in Pirates Outlaws

Players have a choice of 6 heroes to pick with, each with their own set of cards and customisations. These heroes are;

  • Gunner
  • Sword Master
  • Explorer
  • Curse Captain
  • Alchemist
  • Admiral

Each character will have their own unique perk. By default, the first character you unlock is the Gunner. However, you need to unlock the other heroes with a considerable amount of gold. The Admiral is RM14 though.

The other currency is reputation which can also be used to unlock characters.

App details

NamePirates Outlaws
DeveloperFabled Game
CategoryCards, Game
Price0.99 $
Size113 Mb

How to Install the Pirates Outlaws app on Windows and Mac

  1. Install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. The installation might take some time as it will download some additional files on your PC.
  3. Open the emulator and look for the PlayStore app on the home screen
  4. Log in using your Google ID to access the PlayStore app features.
  5. Search for the Pirates Outlaws app and click on the install button.

You can also play the Pirates Outlaws game on your smartphone as well.

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