PixelLab for PC – Use for free on Windows 10, Mac


Download the PixelLab app on your PC. Adding stylish text, 3d text, shapes, stickers and drawing on top of your picture has never been easier. With a simple and clean interface that lets you focus on whatever you’re doing, a wide selection of presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, more than 60 unique options.

Now you can use this app on your Windows and Mac PCs as well, and enjoy the large screen editing.

PixelLab for Mac

What is the PixelLab PC app?

Are you unknown about how to write text on image/pictures in android or want to know that what is the best android text editor for android? I see much text on photo apps for android and I use those apps.

PixelLab for PC app has powerful tools for removing subjects from the background that let you composite in new backgrounds or apply awesome effects. I particularly like PixelLab’s dispersion effect, which makes it look like your subject is bursting into particles (trust me, it’s cool), as well as the glitch effects and the double exposure that overlays two images on top of each other.

As with PixelLab, there are endless possibilities of what you can do by layering and compositing different types of images and applying different effects to each. PixelLab for Windows has everything that you need for your text editing. When I use it then I don’t need Photoshop to add text to photos.


Believe me, PixelLab is really the best text on the photo app for android. PixelLab app has stylish text, text color, color gradient, text effects, text font, text background, text opacity, texture, mask, curve, stroke, shadow, emboss, inner shadow, perspective, 3D rotate, 3D shadow, 3D text, reflection, align, line spacing, spacing, padding, styles, size.

PixelLab app on Windows

What you can do

Now open PixelLab for PC app.

Now you can see a button at the top of the screen. Here to you can add:

  • text
  • current date
  • sticker
  • shapes
  • from the gallery (for image)
  • draw

For detail-oriented photographers, the PixelLab PC app can be not only fun but also addictive. We enjoyed just wandering through its range of exposure, color, masking, and reshaping tools, brushes, and filters as we experimented with different settings. Because the editing is non-destructive, you can always go into the Stack (the layers of edits) and adjust or eliminate any edit (including correcting misspelled text). Or you can use a stack brush to apply an effect to only a portion of your picture. In addition, you can save a Stack of edits you’ve applied to a picture as a “Look,” which can then be applied to other photos and shared with other users.

App Details

DeveloperApp Holdings
PriceFree with in app purchases
SizeVaries with device
PixelLab app PC download

How to Install the PixelLab app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need to install an Android emulator on your PC, I will recommend the BlueStacks emulator.
  2. Install the Android emulator of your choice, and after the installation is complete open the emulator.
  3. Look for the PlayStore app on the home screen.
  4. Search for the PixelLab app and click on the install button.
  5. You will need to log in using your Google ID to start the download process.

You can use the PixelLab app in your smartphone as well.


How do you use PixelLab for PC app?

  • 2Now click on the install button and proceed.
  • 4After the app is downloaded. Click on the open button to get access to the app.
  • 5Now tap the edit sing button.
  • 6And again click edit sign.
  • 7your editing is being started. Now you can write anything. what do you want to make now you can do this? I show you for example.

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