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Use the Pluto TV app on your PC. Watch 100s of live TV channels and 1000s of movies and TV shows, all streaming free. Pluto also offers over 45 channels in Spanish, including native language and dubbed movies, reality TV, telenovelas, crime, sports and more.

Pluto TV for Mac

What is the Pluto TV PC app

Pluto TV for PC is a free streaming service owned by ViacomCBS, which is the parent company of several popular film companies and television production networks.

Live TV video streaming services aren’t typically cheap, which makes the completely-free Pluto TV for PC notable. The Viacom-owned live TV service doesn’t have nearly as many of the cable mainstays as other dedicated services, but it offers enough supplemental programming across the news, sports, and entertainment genres to warrant giving it a look

The freemium service combines live TV with on-demand content that might interest many subscribers. Being the source of all the content for Vizio’s WatchFree service, it also offers an enticing collection of more than 250 channels and thousands of free movies and shows for the low, low price of absolutely nothing (aside from a few ads).

Pluto TV for Windows is not a complete replacement for your cable subscription. It is better thought of as a live TV supplement to your on-demand video streaming services, especially since it offers few popular cable channels. Pluto’s generic channels do a decent job of covering the gaps, though; many of these channels show a diverse mix of programming, some of which is from top-notch cable channels.

What you can Watch

In total, Pluto TV PC app lets you watch around 190 different live TV streams, but many are not channels in the traditional sense. Some channels, such as Wipeout and Dr. Who Classic, only show content related to those shows. Others, such as Cats 24/7 and Slow TV (this channel features Livestream marathons of Norwegian train rides, wood-chopping, knitting, and similar low-intensity content) incorporate several sources but maybe too unconventional to offer long-term value.

Pluto TV app on PC

What the Service costs

It is offered without a monthly subscription fee. Instead, It makes money off the advertising it is able to sell during these streaming broadcasts.

Yes, seriously: Pluto TV is absolutely free. You don’t even need to register with an email address and you don’t have to input any credit card information.

You can opt to register for a Pluto TV account, which gives you special features like the ability to designate favorite channels and resume watching a program on a different device.


For television streaming purposes, Pluto TV for Windows is compatible with the following devices:

Apple TV
Android TV
Amazon Fire TV
Google Chromecast
Sony Smart TVs
Samsung Smart TVs
Vizio Smart TVs

Pluto TV app PC download

How to Install Pluto TV app on Windows and Mac

  1. To begin install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Run the .exe file on your PC to complete the installation process.
  3. On the home screen of the emulator, you will see a PlayStore app icon, click on it to open.
  4. You will be asked to log in using your Google ID.
  5. Search for the Pluto TV app
  6. Click on the install button to complete the download of the app

You can also use the Pluto TV app on your smartphone as well.


What can I Watch?

The service offers content from networks like Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and MTV through live video streaming channels and on-demand functionality. In May 2020, that collection was expanded to include popular AMC series such as The Walking Dead.

Is Pluto TV for PC actually free?

Pluto is a free live-stream television and on-demand video service from ViacomCBS. It has more than 250 unique live channels that stream content with commercial breaks at no charge to the consumer.

How does Pluto make money?

Pluto TV for PC makes money by showing commercials within the video content or when switching between channels.

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