Play for Free Primitive Era 10000 BC for PC – Windows 10,11 and Mac


Want to play Primitive Era on your PC? and do not know how to? You have come to the right place. The game is fun to play on your mobile device but you know what is more fun? Playing it on your PC. Se lets us dive into how we can achieve that.

Forcing the primitive survivors to leave their original home, they embarked on a long journey and eventually arrived on a new continent, where they will build a new home from scratch and gradually develop it into a highly civilized village.

Primitive Era 10000 BC for PC

The Primitive Era 10000 BC for PC

Primitive Era 10000 BC is a strategy game based on the historical Paleolithic era in which you must manage a commune of primitive survivors trying to survive in a wild world full of animals and obstacles.

In the Primitive Era, you control the leader of a newly built village on the site of an old abandoned one. To create a habitable settlement, you must first cut down the various groves that surround the communal dwelling in order to find land to develop.

Management will not be limited to buildings, as is common in strategy games; you will also have to coordinate the citizens, the army, and the exploration units. The latter will point out various interesting points on the map where you can expand your territory and exploit its potential to obtain more exclusive resources.

Primitive Era’s village is completely customizable to your preferences. After completing the tutorial, you can rearrange the various buildings and decorative elements as you see fit. As a result, you can group the commune’s residents’ houses on one side and the military buildings on the other.

Primitive Era 10000 BC for Mac

What does the app offer?

  • The continent is filled with unknown dangers, so get out there! Gather resources from the mysterious forest and begin constructing your village from the ground up.
  • Extinct species could be hunted and tamed in prehistoric times. These beasts have the potential to be your ultimate conquest weapon.
  • Heroes with a variety of abilities can not only help your Village grow, but also lead your warriors to victory.
  • Build your one-of-a-kind tribe that will be unrivaled anywhere.
  • Changing your Village’s Customs will result in a different gaming experience and will necessitate strategy changes.
  • Fight with your clanmates in real-time. to raid the Barbarian Fortresses, take over the Paradise Oasis, and become Paramount Chief

Obtaining resources enables you to construct various structures such as farms, homes, temples, military bases, and mines.

Primitive Era also includes the ability to unlock heroes with special abilities who lead soldiers as commanders.

How to Install the Primitive Era 1000 BC on Windows and Mac

  • Install BlueStacks on your computer.
  • Complete the Google sign-in process to gain access to the Play Store, or do it later.
  • Look for Primitive Era:10000 BC in the top right corner’s search bar.
  • Or you can open the PlayStore app from the home screen of the emulator.
  • To install Primitive Era:10000 BC, sign in to Google (if you skipped step 2).
  • To begin playing, go to the home screen and select the app icon.
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