How to Stop Battery Drain from Vanced MicroG


Is Vanced MicroG draining your phone battery? we have got you covered. Vanced MicroG is a tool for Nonrooted android phones so the users can use their Google Account with the app. A lot of users have been complaining about the battery drain when the app is not in use. So without further delay let us look into all the possible solutions for you.

What is Vanced MicroG APK?

This is a tweaked edition of the official MicroG and made modifications to compatible with Vanced Apps. This way you are going to get the Google authentication to our YouTube Mods. The main aim of the MicroG project is to get rid of traditional Google Play services in android devices and help us use major google services such as Gmail, Playstore, and more.

Well, the Vanced MicroG is only developed for Non-Rooted android users because our mods can’t replace the official ones. This is not a problem with the rooted devices, and one should follow a different procedure to install them by the way.

Vanced MicroG

Turn off Vanced MicroG notifications

Likely because MicroG is running constantly in the background to get Youtube notifications. If you don’t need the notifications, turn them off in Cloud Messaging in MicroG

How do I turn off MicroG?

In the menu that will appear, tap on the information icon.

  • App info. On the next screen, tap Uninstall.
  • Uninstall YouTube Vanced. Choose OK.
  • Confirm the uninstallation.
  • Phone settings.
  • Apps and notifications in Settings.
  • View all the applications.
  • Vanced MicroG on the applications list.
  • Uninstall MicroG.

Remove my Google account from MicroG, and therefore Vanced?

This is useful if you’re encountering an error trying to log into the app if you have installed the app and logged in previously, or if you’re having issues with connecting.

  • go to system settings > accounts
  • go to the entry with a blue G logo.
  • select it, click “remove account”

Now you can go into Vanced and add your account again.

Stop Battery Drain from Vanced MicroG


Does YouTube vanced drain battery?

I have a Note 20 Ultra which has some of the best batteries on the market but I used Youtube Vanced to listen to an album in the background and my battery went down by over 20%. Same Smartphone, same problem. Jumped in Seconds from 9 % to 1 % and off.

Does MicroG drain battery?

MicroG is a package that lets you add your Google account to your phone without flashing the hectic GApps. One of the major benefits of using MicroG instead of GApps is that it doesn’t cost you battery drain, Period!

Should I keep MicroG in background?

MicroG should no longer be running in the background and Youtube mod should still be logged in even after rebooting the system.

Why does YouTube vanced need MicroG?

Installation of YouTube Vanced is not as straightforward as heading to Google Play to install the latest version. The developer forked MicroG so that it can be used by apps that require Google Authentication.

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