Top 6 Houseparty Alternatives


Looking for Houseparty Alternatives? Houseparty, a face-to-face social network, is no longer active. Houseparty was released in 2016 by “Life on Air Inc” (Epic Games). Houseparty will be phased out beginning in October 2021.

Houseparty is described as ‘connects you with friends in a live video network. When you’re in the app, you’ll instantly see your friends that are in the app and will be able to communicate with all of them at once through a live video stream. Just one tap gets you connected’ and is a Video Calling app in the social & communications category.

What to Look for in a Houseparty Alternatives

So there you have it, some of the best Houseparty alternatives. There are apps available that will serve your purpose in the absence of a Houseparty.

While the shutdown of Houseparty and its Fortnite mode is unfortunate, it will allow other Houseparty-like apps to emerge from the shadows.

In terms of functionality, some may even outperform Houseparty. We’ll have to wait and hope that such an app appears soon.

To be a viable alternative to Houseparty, an app must have the following features:

  • Some levels of video game integration
  • Excellent chat, voice, and video call quality.
  • Calls with low latency
  • Simple to use
  • Distributable media

Top Alternatives for HouseParty

Epic Games ended the party for Houseparty users when it shut down the app in October 2021. The company said it decided to shutter the social media platform because it could no longer give the app the attention it deserves.

The idea of not being able to use Houseparty anymore was heartbreaking for many users. But like they say, when one door closes, another one opens. Here are six apps that are similar to Houseparty and can be used as alternatives.


Rave has the potential to become a must-have app for all movie and Netflix fans out there. The app is a good alternative to Houseparty and is a great way to watch movies or TV shows with friends.

Rave allows you to organize and invite friends to watch movies, TV shows, or videos online while being live on video calls.

Watching movies with friends is always entertaining, and it’s a great way to watch movies from the comfort of your own home. And this is where Rave comes in as an excellent substitute for Houseparty. Rave is an iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows app.


WhatsApp is a secure messaging app designed for smartphones to make communication more efficient.

When it comes to group calls, WhatsApp only allows you to invite up to eight people to the call. However, for the average user, this is frequently sufficient.

However, in a standard WhatsApp group, you can add as many people as you want, but only eight of them will be able to participate in a group call.

WhatsApp also allows you to share documents and even capture photos in real-time, which is yet another useful feature.


Airtime is comparable to Rave. You can video chat with up to ten friends, create private rooms where you can converse with only a few of your friends, or create a Party room that is open to all of your friends.

You can also listen to music or watch YouTube videos together. Another app to keep in touch with your friends virtually. iOS and Android are supported.


You can use Discord to chat, participate in video chats (without calling), or simply join any room to stay in touch with your friends. You can also live stream your games, invite friends to play games, and create your own custom emojis and gifs.

Here you can have a group or private chats. There’s also a desktop version, so if you’re working on your PC/laptop, you can log in there instead of picking up your phone for notifications.

In Houseparty, you can have up to eight people in a group chat; there is no such restriction here. Available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

Google Duo

Top 6 Houseparty Alternatives

Everyone uses Google for at least one of its services, so you almost certainly have a Gmail address, which is all you’d need to use Google Duo.

Google Duo is a free video call app that works in a browser, desktop, smartphone, and even smart display.

You can make one-on-one calls to Duo-enabled friends and family members. If your friends and family do not yet have Duo, you can invite them, and their joining process will be quick, eliminating the need for them to wait.

If you want to have group video chats, simply create a group and invite 32 people. This is more than enough for an entire family to enjoy themselves.

Editors Choice


What to Look for in a Houseparty Replacement

Bunch is a similar app to what Houseparty was, but it comes with a twist. Instead of only being able to have video group rooms and calls with your friends and family, Bunch also includes games that you can play while you’re on the call.

Therefore, Bunch is a metaverse where you can move your character and join games while talking and video chatting with your group of friends or family.

What’s great about Bunch is that it incorporates video chatting with games well so that with any average-sized phone you will get to play the game but still see a person or group of people you’re in the video chat with.

If you don’t feel like playing games, you can explore the metaverse, see what’s out there, and get topics to talk about, even if you don’t have any ideas.

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