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Follow this guide to download Triplens Photo Translator for PC. You can download the Triplens Photo Translator for Windows. Furthermore, you can get the Triplet=ns Photo Translator for Mac as well. Let me brief you about this app before you finally download it.

Triplens for Mac

Triplens Photo Translator PC app

First of all, the name of this application says it all. Triplens, basically is a lens for your trips. When you are out in another country and you are facing difficulties translating the posters, the signboards, and the banners all around, you can quickly pull your device out, turn on triplens, and translate the text written in a photo on the go.

This is the basic idea of the Triplens application. Now we already have this feature in applications like Google Translate, but there must be something that this app is doing differently, so let’s find that out.

Triplens supports over 50 different languages. There are two ways to translate the text over a picture. Either you can take a picture using the camera feature of the Triplens, or you can select an already downloaded picture from your device.

The rest of the job is done by Triplens on its own. It automatically scans the picture for text in another language and it translates that into your desired language. Now what better this app is doing is, it basically automatically detects the other language.

In the Google Translator app, users have to select the source language, but that’s not the case with Triplens and that’s how this app makes things extremely simplified.

Triplens app on Windows


Apart from translating the text, Triplens can also recognize objects. For example, you are in a foreign country and you find an object that entices you, but you don’t know what that object is called. You can use Triplens, it will explain that object to you, in your local language.

Triplens is a great utility, however, there is a downside. It’s not a fully free application. The app comes for a 3-day trial period, after that you have to get its monthly subscription which is quite expensive.

Other than that, this is a good application to get your hands on it. This app was originally built for Android but using our guide, you can get it on your computer too. I am going to show you the steps to download and install the Triplens app on your computer now.

How to Install the Triplens Photo Editor on Windows and Mac


  • Triplens App – Play Store
  • BlueStacks Android Emulator – Download & Install
  • Windows or macOS-powered computer
  • WebCam or Laptop Camera
  • Mouse & Keyboard

Download Triplens Photo Translator for PC

  1. Install the BlueStacks on your computer.
  2. Open the BlueStacks and set it up using your old or new Google Account.
  3. Now launch the Play Store in the BlueStacks.
  4. In the BlueStacks, type “Triplens Photo Translator” and find it.
  5. As you find the app, install it.
  6. Now launch the app and go through the initial instructions.
  7. Use the Triplens Photo Translator to capture pictures or select existing pictures to start translating.
Triplens app PC download


That’s pretty much it with the installation of the Triplens Photo Translator for PC. Now there are more than 1 downside here. At first, this app will always run inside the BlueStacks emulator only. That is because we do not have its official version available for a computer.

The 2nd is that it will use your computer’s webcam or laptop’s front camera for pictures which will be very inconvenient to take pictures when you are outside.

The best practice is to take pictures on your phone, copy them to your computer and then use the Triplens Translator to detect text. I know this is a slightly lengthy approach, but if you want to use this app on your computer, that’s the only way.

If you have any questions regarding this app or the Android emulator, feel free to use the comment section below. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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