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You will be able to find tons of CCTV client apps on Google Play to manage your IP cameras through your Android devices. But not all of them are worth trying, expect a few and in them, there is an app called V380 Pro. Today in this post, I will tell you how you can V380 Pro for PC Windows 10 & Mac.

V380 Pro is a complete app when it comes to monitoring CCTV setups through an Android app. It allows you to easily manage and control all your security cameras setups sitting anywhere in the world. All you have to do is set up your Bluetooth and IP camera once and then you can watch the live stream from your CCTV cameras on the go.

V380 Pro for PC Windows 10 & Mac

Nowadays security is your biggest concern, no matter what you do. Every office, School, Shop, the restaurant has security cameras installed, no only to keep an eye on what’s going down there. they also, help you secure your property. V380 Pro app is created for such purposes, you can monitor all the activities, you can use talkback feature to inform your staff of anything and so much more.

Now as I said before in this article, I will tell you how to download V380 Pro for PC Windows 10 & Mac. I will get to it but before that let me give you a small overview of all the basic features of V380 Pro and then I will tell you why you need to download V380 Pro for PC.


V380 Pro is an upgraded version of its predecessor V380 and with the Pro version, they have added a bunch of new features that were missing in V380. Let’s start with the Remote Monitoring. V380 Pro allows remotely monitor everything that is going on down there. whether it is your home or office and you can monitor all the activities using your smartphone.

Second thing is that you can use the Voice Talkback feature. That means you can talk through with your camera setup and say anything you want. Moreover, you can say, you can communicate through V380 Pro app. You have heard of family sharing in feature right? same goes with v380 Pro. It also allows you to share your device with your family that way they can to monitor and see everything.

In their recent update, they have added Motion Trajectory Tracking. This feature comes into work when something moves or in motion. Once this happens, you will be notified. Not only this, but V380 Pro also has Motion Detection Alarm. So whenever an abnormal activity is happening on your property. The Motion detection alarm will come in play and it will notify security companies and you.

So with these features, you can go for V380 Pro and secure your properties. Now that I have told you everything about V380 Pro, you will get a clear picture of why millions of users use V380 Pro.

That being said, It’s time to get back to our main topic, how to download V380 Pro for PC and why should we?

Why? Install V380 Pro for PC:

V380 Pro is designed for smartphones and it does the best it can to provide you the best results. But there is one problem, smartphone screens are small, sometimes it’s hard to see what’s going on. Most of the time we are working somewhere and we cannot use our mobile at the same time. Thus, we were unable to monitor what was going on.

In such situations, If V380 Pro was installed on your PC. You won’t miss a thing and you don’t have to lift up your mobile every time you have to watch what’s happening down there.

But the main question remains, V380 Pro has no Pc version and we cannot install Android Apps on Windows 10 or Mac. Yes, it’s true, we cannot but this is where Android Emulators come to play. All you need to do is download an Android Emulator either on your Mac or Windows 10 PC. After that, you can download V380 for PC.

Now I am gonna show you how to download V380 Pro on Pc using an Android Emulator.

Download V380 Pro for PC Windows 10 & Mac:

First, you need to download an Android Emulator which is called BlueStacks. The best in the business and it’s available for both Windows & Mac. I will provide you the direct download link to BlueStacks.

Download BlueStacks

After downloading BlueStacks run the installation wizard and follow all the on-screen instructions. Make sure you do all and don’t miss a single instruction.

Once this is all set and done. It’s time to Install V380 Pro on a PC.

Install V380 Pro on a PC Using BlueStacks:

  • Launch BlueStacks on your PC. It will take a few seconds to load up. Once it does, you will see a familiar Android smartphone home screen. Make sure while installing BlueStacks you have added your Gmail ID. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use Google services on your PC.
  • At the home screen of BlueStacks, you will see Google Play Icon. Click on it and you will be taken to Google Play, as it happens on your Android device.

V380 Pro for PC Windows 10 & Mac

  • Now type V380 Pro in the search bar and hit enter. You will be provided with a list of app, Click on the V380 Pro, on the next page click on the install button.

V380 Pro for PC Windows 10 & Mac

There you go, this is how you can Download V380 Pro for PC Windows 10 & Mac. It’s pretty simple and it will not take more than 5 minutes of your time. Try it and let me know if you face any problem install V380 on your computer or Laptop. Please Share SnipeView posts with your friends and families, help us grow.

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