How to watch Hulu TV outside US in 2023


Hulu TV is among the top OTT platforms with completely worthwhile content. If you are outside the US, it’s going to take a little effort to watch Hulu TV since it only works inside the US now. Take a look at the detailed steps to watch Hulu TV outside US.

With over four million subscribers, is the most popular provider in the rapidly growing live video streaming market. It gives you access to both live TV channels and a large selection of on-demand movies and shows.

watch Hulu TV outside US


  • Right now, Hulu with Live TV’s price is $70 per month, though it now comes with free Disney Plus (ad-supported) and ESPN Plus.
  • You won’t need to learn anything new to run the Android app on the Xbox One if you already know how to control it.
  • So, if you’re an American looking for ways to watch Hulu outside of the United States – or if you’re just trying to access Hulu content from anywhere in the world – you’ll get an error message.
  • A fantastic selection of TV shows A large number of live TV channels are available. Strong cloud DVR option Almost every media streaming device supports it.
  • Ads are included in the basic on-demand plan. Offline downloads require a premium account. Fewer originals of high quality than competitors Most SportsNet and Bally Sports RSNs are absent.
  • Since most VPNs aren’t powerful enough to get past Hulu’s location blocks, We have found 3 VPNs that worked.


Hulu deserves credit for an interface that is remarkably consistent across all platforms. The controls, visuals, menus, and even the overall sense of space are all consistent, which is impressive given the different screen sizes.

It’s not difficult to get around. You can access My Stuff in addition to a home screen full of recommended content (favorite programs and channels).

watch Hulu TV outside US

Hulu with Live TV is a viable option worth considering. The redesigned interface of the streaming service is beautiful and simple to use. For a reasonable price, you get a lot of interesting channels. You get access to Hulu’s extensive streaming library, as well as unlimited DVR.

HULU TV Price Plans

Hulu Plus Live TV with adsHulu Live TV with no adsHulu Live TV bundle with ESPN, Disney+ including adsHulu Live TV bundle with ESPN, Disney+ with no ads
Free Trial7 days7 daysNONO
Number of Channels65+65+65+65+
Offline DownloadsYesYesYesYes
Streaming Quality4K Ultra HD4K Ultra HD4K Ultra HD4K Ultra HD
Live Sports streamingYesYesYesYes

The Reasons You might need to watch Hulu TV outside US

Any non-US IP address is blocked because Hulu is only licensed in the United States. Your device is assigned an IP address, which tells third parties where you are, what device you are using, how long you spent on each website, and a variety of other details.

So if you are a HULU user and are traveling outside the US and you need to access the HULU app or web you will not be able to as the access is restricted. A VPN is the best way to use the service outside of the US, but not all VPNs are able to get access to the HULU service.

We have compiled a list of VPNs that will give you the best results and you will even be able to get a subscription to the HULU services without any issues.

How does a VPN work?

The only way to watch Hulu TV outside US right now is through a VPN. But what is a VPN and how it’s going to let you access Hulu TV?

Well, a VPN allows you to bypass geographical restrictions. It works by connecting you to a US IP address, convincing Hulu that you are in the US and thus eligible to stream content.

Doesn’t it seem simple enough? It’s important to note that not just any VPN will do. You must choose a reputable VPN service provider that has a large number of US servers capable of performing a Hulu location trick. This implies that it must be able to circumvent Hulu’s geo-blocks.

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How to use the VPN to watch HULU TV outside US

Simply follow these simple steps to watch Hulu Outside USA content.

Install the app and run it on your device.

  • Subscribe to a VPN service like Nord VPN.
  • Download and install the VPN application.
  • Choose a server in the United States (Recommended server – New York)
  • Go to the Hulu website.
  • Click the “Start Your Free Trial” button and Select the desired plan.
  • Fill in the information that is required.
  • Select a payment method and enter your billing information.
  • Click submit to finish the signup process and have fun while you watch Hulu TV outside US.
watch hulu tv outside of the US

What channels do you get with Hulu?

Among the more than 75 live and on-demand channels available are BET, Bravo, Comedy Central, E!, Freeform, Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, MTV, OWN, TBS, TNT, VH1, and USA.

Can I watch Hulu TV outside the US?

Geo-restrictions and licensing laws must, unfortunately, be considered when accessing Hulu content. Due to copyright laws and distribution rights, Hulu is only available in the United States. To get around this issue, you’ll need a VPN and a US IP address. A VPN allows you to bypass geographical restrictions.

What countries support Hulu?

As of 2023, Hulu is available in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Japan.

Can I subscribe to Hulu TV from outside the US?

Yes, you can subscribe to the Hulu Service from outside the US, you just need to subscribe to a good VPN service that can bypass the geo-restriction of Hulu TV.

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